Scary dream Poems

Are you looking for a scary dream poem? Have you ever had a nightmare? Have you ever had a dream and thought it was real? Have you ever woke up from your sleep to find that the things you envisioned were only a dream? Have you ever felt in your heart that the vision in your dream is real? If you answered yes to any of these questions then please read further.


I had a dream about Judgement Day in which the entire world lined up before the presence of the Lord. People were crying and weeping. Chaos was every where!
The bad part about the dream was when I heard people telling God about all the wonderful things they did for Him during their life time. They said they prophesied to people about prosperity and peace. I heard many say they cast out demons in His name. Unfortunately, God refused to consider their defence, and banished them from Him forever.

When I woke from this horrible nightmare, I realized that it was only a dream. the dream was if I were there on Judgement day waiting in line to be sentence by god Himself. I was so grateful and glad that this was only a dream because I don't think I would have been able to except the wrath of God if it had been real!

                                More Than A Dream

 One night I had a bad dream as I slept;
it was Judgment Day on earth
 and thousands mourn and wept.
The glory of the Lord was great
 as He sat upon His throne,
my heart trembled with fear as I stood there alone.
His angels went out and gathered all the nations
and put them in one accord,
 everyone had to come before the presence of the Lord.
Everyone had to give an account
of what they did during their lifetime
everyone thought of what they would say
 as I waited patiently in line.
 Then when He got to me He said
“Depart from Me thou evil servant,
thou knew what the kingdom required,
 because of this, thou shall be tormented in the Lake of Fire.”
 After He said these things, I fell down on my knees
“O Lord, I did many good things-- Have mercy on me please!”
Then I said,
 “Lord, don’t You remember all the good things I did before You came? I prophesied and cast out demons in Your name.
 Do You remember when I showed compassion on the sick and poor? Lord, don’t You remember when I helped the sick endure? Furthermore, I went to church every single week 
           and I was always on time to hear the preacher speak.”
Then He said to me,
”Verily, verily, I know everything thou have done, all thou deeds did not save anyone. When thou prophesied thou told them about prosperity and peace, and when thou confessed thy sins you confessed them to a priest. When thou helped the poor it was not because of love and concern, thou only helped when thou could receive something in return. Thou did not tell them to repent, nor tell them exactly what salvation meant. Because of this, thou are in greater judgment cause thou knew, if thou would have said these things it would have saved their souls and yours too. Thou should have told them what I did on the cross, and if they did not accept Me, their souls would be lost.”
Just to have another chance was my only desire,
 I prayed that the angels would not cast me in the fire.
The bad dream came to an end
 and I asked God to forgive me of this sin.
 I am thankful for the dream because it showed 
me what the Lord will say,
 when I have to stand before Him 
on Judgment Day!

Ezekiel 7:1-27; 24:14, Isaiah 2:5-22, Matthew 7:19-23; 13:37-51; 24:31-51; 25:14-46, Revelation 20:11-15

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