Short Poems on Gambling

This is a short poem about gambling. This is a gambling poem about hustling and making money in the casinos and streets. This is a poem about life and survival on the cold hard streets. This short poem is about the street life and all the hardships a person deals with in the street game. The street game is about drug dealers, drug addicts, prostitution, drinking and selling weed, and hitting licks and committing crimes all for the love of money!

When a person goes through any of these evils and God delivers them from it, they supposed to tell others the great news! This poem isn’t meant to glorify the crime and madness on the streets. This poem is to let people know that God can deliver anyone no matter what situation in life they are in!


Game of Hustling

When you live the street life
you are bound to fall by deceit,
And most of the bad experiences
you are bound to repeat.
Satan has you living on sudden impulse,
Then God shows you that Satan’s great illusion is false!
Will you win or bluff another hand?
Will you sell drugs or rob an innocent man?
To hurt innocent people is truly a shame,
Family and friends all suffer in the pain.
When the money, drugs and hustling are gone,
And when you are sitting in a cell all alone…
When you are thinking about all the
mistakes you made in the past,
Just remember, Satan’s great illusion never last!

                Ezekiel 7:19                       
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