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Are you looking for a short poem about drugs and addiction? Are you looking for a short story about the horrors of crack concern? Are looking for a short inspiring poem that gives hope to overcome a drug addiction? Did you need a encouraging story about addiction and drugs to help motivate and inspire drug addict? Do you ever go to NA meetings wanting to share a story inspirational story with the group? Last but not least, are you looking for a short Christian story about dope that can help a friend's life? If you have answered yes to anyone of those questions please allow me to introduce my story.

I wrote this about addiction while in prison. You could call this message a parable because the message is written as a parable about addiction like the parables in the Bible.
The only reason you are here viewing it is because God directed you to this page! I hope it provides a little inspiration to the life of whoever is suffering from drug abuse. I didn’t think I should post this poem because it really doesn’t go with any of the spiritual poems on this site. But God told me to post it anyway just for you! Please keep me in prayer.


So Much Pain

It starts off as recreation, but ends in a life of sadness,
Addiction is nothing but pure madness.
Family, job, priorities you begin to neglect,
Then you lose dignity, integrity, and self-respect.
People say "stop using", but their words are easier said than done,
Satan makes you believe you’re having too much fun!
Satan says "you can control the addiction”
but it becomes so bad that only God can cure the affliction.
Not seeking help is Satan’s remedy,
When God sends help Satan makes you think they are your enemy.
There's something wrong with hustling 
and run around like a wild rabbit,
 lying , stealing, and cheating to support our habit.
You can care less about Satan’s vicious attack,
The only thing is important is to find a way to buy more crack.
I thought there was nothing better when I used,
I thought it was the best thing ever-- even while being abused!

"Lord, please answer my prayer and help me quit!
I have been deceived by Satan’s a great trick!
 I’m tired of wasting my life in jail,
Addiction is truly a living hell."

God said, “about my sheep I Am greatly concerned,
but out of all My sheep this is I what I have learned.
Though you went through and endured great anguish and pain,
I never heard you once not honor my Name

Mark 4:14

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