Test of Faith

Do you know what a test of faith, faith being tested, and faith tested have in common? They are all the same! God can test your faith at anytime. Testing of your faith produces great character. If He is testing your faith make sure you remember the story of Job.

If God tested the faith of righteous Job than surely He will test our faith as well. He tested Job to the point of death! When the trails of life get us down are we ready to throw in the towel and give up? Can you bear it a little longer? Can you hold on to hope and belief just a little longer? Hold on to faith in God that He will make a way out of no way? When it appears the burdens of life is too much to bear it may only be just a test of faith!


The Test of Faith

 When we have difficult decisions to make
how do we know what choice will turn out the best?
When we say, “I know the right answer”
Is when God puts us to the test.
If we say, “I have faith.”
Then all fear must be released
 and if we begin to doubt
then our faith needs to be increased.
When we are faced with adversity,
 God sees the strength of our faith,
no matter how difficult it appears
God will keep us completely safe!

Matthew 4:30-31

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  1. I love this one also. Because I have been tested soo much lately. I'm increasing my FAITH daily. Your words are so encouraging.


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