What New Doctrine is This?

 “What new doctrine is this?” the religious leaders and members of the church asked Jesus. (Mark 1:27)  If you are asking or are wondering about what doctrine our faith is based on, it’s the same doctrine that Jesus taught: “Feed My SheepGo ye, out and help the needy. Go ye out and feed the hungry. Go ye out and visit the sick. Go ye out and comfort those who mourn!


Inspirational and Spiritual poetry is based on the same doctrine that Jesus taught. The Apostle Paul said “if anyone preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received or gospel which you have not accepted” people will put up with it!
Why are we putting up with false doctrines in which Jesus did not preach? Why are you accepting another gospel in which Jesus didn’t preach? Jesus never preached or talked about becoming rich and not helping the poor. Jesus never said we should collect all the riches and money we can and store away all of it for ourselves. God meant for us to share what we have no matter if you think you should or shouldn’t. God requires us to do as He preached: Feed the hungry, visit the sick, help the needy, comfort those in confinement! Matthew 25:35-40
Unfortunately, the new age gospel is not preaching the same gospel Jesus taught. They are preaching how you are going to prosper or how God is going to bless you. Well, I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but if you are not doing anything for God, why would He waste His time blessing us?
I ask you to please consider denouncing the new age gospel. You will not prosper until you start ministering to the needy for Him!
“What new doctrine is this”, the church members asked, It’s the same one Jesus taught over two thousand years ago. It’s the same one in which this ministry upholds with dignity and integrity.  But unfortunately it’s not the same one you hear in churches today!  
Our doctrine is the same doctrine that Jesus taught and they rejected it then, sadly it's the same one that's been rejected today.


Many say it’s a thin line between love and hate,
and that good things always comes to those who wait.
But I say help those who are economically disabled;
invite the hungry to sit down for a meal at your table.
Show the sick and poor that there are still people who care,
it will make their burdens a little easier to bear.
There’s not many who reaches out with love and concern,
without them wanting something back in return…

“Man was created in My image because I wanted him to love and share, but man has become so selfishness that it’s even hard for Me to bear. I sent a flood because of the wickedness of man, but it still has not stopped selfishness from spreading throughout the land. I even showed My love when I died on the tree, but their hearts are still hardened and have rebelled against Me. If they have forsaken the sick and poor, they have also forsaken Me. Indeed, the earth is still full of wickedness as far as My eyes can see. Wherefore, since they have done these things, there is something I most declare, I shall not forsake the needy when they call to Me in prayer.”
Psalm 51:16-17, Proverbs 28:27, Isaiah 1:4-10, 41-17 Matthew 25:35-40, Luke 16:19-31


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