World's Greatest Mom Poem

Do you need a poem about the world's greatest mom? Are you looking for one about the greatest mom ever lived? Are you looking for a religious poem about the world's greatest mom? If yes,  this is the wrong poem. This a spiritual poem about the world's greatest mom or mother. This is an inspirational spiritual poem about the greatest mom ever lived!   Out of all the poems on the web this is only poem dedicated to the world's greatest mother who ever lived!  She is now deceased, but her memories lives through her poem!

In Memory of the World's Greatest Mom

The Life of a Servant

Irene Gillam was born February 4, 2011 in Rondo Arkansas. Though she was born into financial hardship, she prevailed. In spite of her disadvantages, she successfully became a great leader and role model for her family and community. The lord blessed her with fortitude as she endured many hardships and trails during her life.

She overcame her struggles through hard work. Though she didn’t receive a formal education, the Lord blessed her with wisdom and the knowledge. She was like a scholar who studied the theory of love for 50 years. She had a master's degree in love!

She didn’t accumulate any riches or fame. Though she didn’t possess any wealth, and never had the opportunity to live a life free from financial difficulty, she never complained about her living conditions. She lived a life of humility and faith even when injustices occurred.

Her greatest attribute was her kind, caring, and loving heart. She sacrificed and spent her entire life helping others. She was a devoted servant of the Lord who didn’t receive any fame, honor, or recognition for her charity. Her reward was the fact that she could help a person who was in need.

On April 12, 2011, the Lord released her burdens and gave her a new home. He released her from impoverishment, struggles, and hardships. No more sorrow and pain. No more hatred and cruelty. The Lord greeted her and said: “Good job My faithful and devoted servant. I have a great reward for your service” 


The World's Greatest Mom

How can a great mother be defined?
Well allow me to tell you about
one of the greatest of all time…
When I was a child,
 you taught me to never quit,
you was always there
whenever I was sick…
you always taught me
to be the best I can be,
your encouraging words
have really been a blessing to me…
you endured many hardships
when I was a child,
but never gave up
and went the extra mile…
your love and support
 have helped me get through
many difficult situations,
this is why you are one of
God’s Greatest Creations…

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