1992 Dream Team Basketball Memorabilia

Are you searching for basketball  memorabilia, absolute memorabilia basketball, or USA Dream Team 1992?  If so, we have a Larry Bird Dream Team wall sticker that includes Patrick Ewing,  and Scottie Pippen, Carl Malone Wall Stars for auction.

Our ministry is having a fund raiser. We have two Upper Deck Wall Stars that we are asking for a reasonable donation. The two boxes are in mint condition. One box includes Malone and Pippen and the other box includes Bird and Ewing.

We are asking for a reasonable donation for both items. Both are in mint condition and are great collectables for collectors.


Please call us to make an offer for these two historic pieces of collectables. We pray that these collectables can be placed in the hands of someone who will truly treasure them.

Call  734-672-4634
Ask For Minister Tim

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