Christian poem for Death row inmates

Are you searching for: death row poems, innocent death row inmates, innocent people on death row, innocent death row, death penalty innocent? If so, I have a message from God to share with you...

                 Proclaim Liberty to the Captives on death row!

                                    Isaiah 61:1

God knows how it feels to be on death row because He was once on death row Himself. God knows the inmates on death row because He is there comforting their hearts today! God knows the sorrow in their hearts as they wait to be executed by man. God is on death row comforting the lonely and broken hearted.  He is there comforting their hearts today! The reason why I know God is there comforting their hearts is because He came and visited me and comforted mine when I went to prison.

God came and comforted my heart when I went to prison. I was not on death row, but I know how despair feels. I have felt the despair of  death row, but not the despair of waiting to be executed! 

When I was in prison,  I didn't have no one to comfort me. I wished I had someone to visit or maybe send a letter with some comforting words in it. I prayed for someone to help me overcome the loneliness and despair I was feeling. Unfortunately, there was no one to come to my rescue except the Lord! I was at my lowest or darkest hour the Lord came and gave me a reason to continue living! He and my mother provided comfort while I was in prison.

This is a special comforting poem for inmates and prisoners in jails and prisons, and even death row! This poem is for those inmates who have been forsaken by friends and family members. God heard my prayers and gave me these words to share with the world. I pray this poem can make it to the hands of a death row inmate.

                                                    Sentence to Die

When I first broke the law, I had never did any time,
I was ignorant about the judicial system,
when they convicted me of the crime.
I had no money to pay an attorney to advocate my case,
so I testified to the court asking for mercy and grace.
I fooled myself by thinking everything will be fine,
“just plead guilty” was the only thing came to mind.
I’m sorry your honor about this crime”,
but the judge had no mercy, and sentenced me with a huge fine.
But thousands of innocent people are also
unjustly judged and tried,
some suffer greatly where the law is unjustly applied.
I prayed hard about these things, I know God heard,
because He shared with me a very special word…

“Do thou not remember when I was prosecuted,
judged, and tried?
They charged Me with speaking blasphemy,
but everyone knows they lied.
I did not need an attorney because
the truth speaks for itself,
but they said I had no evidence to support my story
and sentenced me to death. I told the truth,
but the prosecutors turned it into a lie,
I had many witnesses but they still sentenced Me to die.
Wherefore, thou shall know the truth about the laws of man,
thou shall be prosecuted and convicted
without ever taking the stand.
But I shall deliver the captives so the world can see,
that I can deliver those whose trusts and believes in Me.”

Isaiah 37:20, John 7:51, John 8:15. I Tim 1:8-10

God bless you! Thank you for your visit and support!
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  2. I wish I had of known of you I sure would of sent many letters and cards and poems and words. god bless this human being and beautiful soul bless him always with what he needs and take from him what he doesn't. amen.


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