Did you know God can reapair a broken Heart?

Are you searching for: healing heart poem, heal broken heart poem, healing heart poem, poems to heal a broken heart, or healing broken heart poems? If so, I have great news-- God can repair a broken heart!

Yes, God is the only one who can restore a broken heart. The Bible says He near those with a broken and contrite spirit. Psalms 34:18 God can heal a broken heart no matter how bad it hurts. No matter what a doctor's diagnoses may be, God is able to repair and heal and restore a broken heart today!


                         God can Restore a Broken Heart
A doctor can prescribe meds to help a person from feeling blue, but when it comes down to a broken heart, he’s limited to the things he can do…

But God can restore a broken heart and make it like new, He’s unlimited to the things He can do..

He can restore a heart and make it pump love again; He not only heals the heart, but forgives us of all sin!


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