Did you know God have immediate jobs available?

Immediate jobs openings available for general labor, nursing assistant, computer programmers, construction, landscape, and truck drivers. 

This is an once in a lifetime opportunity for an exciting career in working for God! God has immediate work available for you today! Your only requirements are having a caring heart and the ability to brighten someone’s day!


Employment Opportunity

Are you interested in a great career 
where you can gross millions in return? 
We have an immediate position available 
that only requires a little love and concern…
 Are you tired of all the dead end jobs and need a change? 
 If so, this is a job opportunity where 
you can earn great fortune and fame…
Welcome to the only Job Shop 
that has this guarantee, 
you are automatically qualified 
even if you don’t have a degree.
This is the only job that offers
 unlimited pay, and there’s no waiting list 
you can start today!
If you need a great job 
then please give our company a try,
 but if you do not possess a caring heart 
then do not bother to apply!

God is an equal opportunity Employer! 

Schedule an interview with us today!


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