Do not take your wife for granted!

Are you searching for: take my wife,  help me with my wife, help my wife, will my wife have an affair, nice things to do for my wife, I need help with my wife, or how do I get my wife to have an affair? If so, I have a message for you-- DO NOT TAKE YOUR WIFE FOR GRANTED!

Do not take your wife for granted! I'm sure your marriage gets difficult at times, but things can be worked out. It's not easy finding someone to love and care about you these days, so I strongly urge you to fight the good fight of faith and keep showing her you love and want her forever!

This is a short poem about appreciating your wife's companionship, love, and affection. This poem is for any husband who really appreciates his wife and doesn't take the sweet things she does for granted. I hope and pray that you and your wife enjoys this poem.


I Will Never Take You For Granted

Some guys take for granted
their wives by the things they say and do…
But I will never take for granted the blessing I have in you…

The guys who take their wives for granted make a big mistake,
They do not realize their actions until it’s too late.  

I will never take your love for granted no matter what I do,
This short poem is just a small token of my love for you!


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