Don't give up on God!

Are you searching for: I lost my faith in God, I'm losing my faith in God, losing my faith in God, lost my faith in God, I've lost my faith in God, or I'm losing my faith in God? If so, I have a special message from God-- "O ye of little faith"

Do not give up on God! Though the storm maybe severe in your life and you are tried of struggling and going without --don't lose faith in God!
It's easy for someone else to say or tell you don't give up faith who never experienced the hardships or trials you are experiencing in your life, but I have endured and is enduring great hardships myself. I do not have an income, I'm an ex-convicted felon, I'm homeless, I have no immediate family, and I have no car or any material possessions.
But one thing I do have is faith! This is no lie, I am currently homeless and without an income, but I have not lost faith in God! There's a great storm in my life right now, but I can see sunshine through the dark clouds! I hope and pray you can see the sunshine too!

Faith is The Key!
Now, Faith is like seeing it rain on a cloudy day,
 in spite of the stormy weather,
 there always comes a beautiful sunny day.
But when my faith was weak, I asked God
“Is there more to life than just to struggle then die?”
He said,
 “I shall surely bless those who are willing to try!”
Then I asked, “What does that mean?”
He said,
 “Keep Me first and thou shall conquer thy dream.”
“What must I do?”
“Those who endure to end are just a few!”
He continued:
“Man cannot possibly understand how much I care,
In the midst of hardship and grief,
I Am always there”
Finally He said,
 “No matter how difficult life gets--
Faith is the Key!”
He assured me
Faith can move large mountains
 for both you and me!

                                                 Hebrew 11:1, James 2:17

                                                 A word called Love 

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