God has not forsaken you!

Are you searching for: God I need your help, God Help, God helps those who helps themselves, God I need your help, doodle God help? If so, I have a special message from God-- "I have not forsaken my sheep".

God has not forsaken us!

I ask God to please help me when I go through personal trials. I ask Him to comfort me when I'm at the point of despair. When I endure injustices, I often wonder do God even care? I believe God cares! But yet, I still wonder if God is there or not?  I know that sounds crazy, but I find myself questioning and doubting daily.

I believe He is here for me and  there for you. But why do He allow us to go through tribulations is beyond me. I'm not a theologian, preacher or philosopher. I'm just a guy that has experienced a great deal of anguish, but I believe (by faith) that He hears my prayers and knows about my grief, pain and short comings.
Even when my faith is tried and tested, and doubt creeps up, I don't lose faith!
Thomas saw Jesus, but still doubted. Thomas still didn't believe it was him.Thomas' doubt is a human flaw in which we all suffer from.  Jesus' disciples all had a doubt at times. Phillip asked Jesus to "show us the Father" (John 14:8) Obviously, he had some doubts though the Father stood right before his eyes!

Jesus said "if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes." Mark 9:24.  But immediately after He said this, the man he was speaking to said "Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!"

God is there for us even when it doesn't appear He is. I am living proof that God exists. When I was incarcerated, I was in great despair. I didn't believe I had any reason to live. Sitting in a lonely jail cell, I didn't want to continue living. I wanted to kill myself. But at my lowest point, the Lord literally came and visited me and gave me hope and a reason to continue forward. He gave me courage and strength to continue the good fight of faith! 
Please enjoy this message the Lord put on my heart to share with you....

God is There

O Lord, sometimes I wanna break down and shed a tear,
when I think about all my trials I endured this year.
My anguish causes me not to sleep,
though I'm suffering I try not to weep.
I asked You repeatedly to send a little help,
I asked You to guide my every step.
I thought today would be a better day when it got started,
but I’m still lonely, depressed, and brokenhearted.
I’m so discouraged until I don’t know what to do,
I've been hoping and praying to at least
get an encouraging word from You...
                  “Behold, I was there when you was worried, 
                                     lonely, and depressed,
and  I was also there when you was unable to rest. 
I was there when things appeared to be at their worst,
 all you have to do is keep Me first.
 During the times you were in despair and needed help, 
I was there to guide your every step. 
Yes, I stood right by your side, even when you doubted-- 
My love never died. Are not all My words all true?  
Was I not there to strengthen and comfort you? 
Wherefore, look back and pay closer attention,
 I bear witness that I was there through all your affliction”

Isaiah 26:3-9, Proverbs 8: 23-30, Isaiah 61:1-2

Tim Gillam,
Inspirational Specialist


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