God hates selfishness, greed, and pride

Are you are searching for: selfishness is a sin, greed sin, greed in the bible, bible and greed, the bible on greed, selfishness in the bible, bible selfish, or selfish bible? If so, I have a special message from God-- "I hate selfishness, pride, and greed".

Yes, God hates selfish, pride and greed because He created man in His own image. The image of God is love, compassion, and sharing! God created man to be like Himself  in spirit. He wanted man to give and care about one another. He did not create us to only care about ourselves. Nor did He create us to store up money and treasures for ourselves.
But unfortunately, that caring and compassionate spirit or image God created in us has died, and the new spirit of selfish and greed is now at full bloom. God is very angry about how man has decided to conquer all for himself while the poor and needy are in destitute of daily necessities.

I pray with all my strength that you do not allow the spirit of selfishness, pride, and greed overtake you. Run from it, hide from it, do all you can not to be consumed by it. The Lord is coming back to destroy that evil spirit soon. I pray that when He comes you will not be possessed by that spirit!

            I will not forsake the needy 
Many say it’s a thin line between love and hate,
and that good things always comes to those who wait.
But I say help those who are economically disabled;
invite the hungry to sit down for a meal at your table.
Show the sick and poor that there is still people who care
because it will make their burdens a little easier to bear.
There’s not many who reaches out with love and concern,
without them wanting something back in return…

“Man was created in My image because I wanted him to love and share, helping the needy is like a breath of clean fresh air.
Indeed, there are not many who really care, 
selfishness is one thing that even I Am unable to bear. 
I sent a flood because of the wickedness of man, 
but it still has not stopped selfishness from spreading throughout the land.
I even showed My love when I died on the tree, 
but their hearts are still hardened and have rebelled against Me. 
If they have forsaken the sick and poor, they have also forsaken Me.
Indeed, the earth is still full of wickedness as far as My eyes can see. 
Wherefore, since they have done these things, there is something I most declare, I shall not forsake the needy when they call to Me in prayer.”

Psalm 51:16-17, Proverbs 28:27, Isaiah 1:4-10, 41-17 Matthew 25:35-40, Luke 16:19-31

Is It Just My Imagination?

I once had a bad dream that seemed so real, there was so much evil that it gave my body the chills. Everyone had been possess by the Spirit of Pride, many tried running from it, but there was no place to hide.
It was a great depression and people were crying broke,
When I saw no one helping or sharing I immediately awoke. Then I prayed,
“O Lord, I saw an evil spirit spreading throughout the nation, Please tell me if this was a bad dream or just my imagination”…
“Do thou not remember when My people were in Egypt and I sent Moses to set them free? I showed them many signs, but they still refused to trust and believe in Me. I showed them one sign when I sent burning hail, then when they were hungry, I had compassion and sent
them Quail. I even parted the Red Sea because of the love I have for man, but because selfishness, they did not reach the Promised Land. Then all of the sudden, they lifted up their voices and complained and cried, when they rebelled against Me, My love for some of them died. Now, after all these years, they still rebel against Me, they are still unthankful, proud and forgotten that I set them free. I held their hands and showed them the Light, but they rejected Me and refuse to do what’s right. The vision was not a bad dream nor was it your imagination, tell Me, how long shall I bear with this selfish generation? Wherefore, since they have closed their eyes and covered their ears, they shall surely dwell in the wilderness for many more years!”

Inspired By
Genesis 6:5, Numbers 14 ,Proverb 5 13 ,Tim 3:1-9    

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