God still Heals!

Are you searching for: healing poetry, poetry for healing, poetry healing, healing poems, poems of healing, or poems about healing? If so, God wants you to know He still heals!

God can still heal! He can still raise the sick from their beds! He can still give life to the dead! God can still cast out all inflictions and diseases. I pray that God blesses whoever is sick and suffering today with immediate health and strength! I pray that God cast out any sickness you,your friends or family members may be suffering with. I pray that this poem about healing can provide comfort in your life.


God is Still Able to Heal

Was illness, sickness and disease God's intention?
and does He even care when we suffer these inflictions?
 I asked Him these questions when I become sick and ill,
I asked Him was disease, sickness, and suffering His will?
 He said “continue trusting Me” no matter how bad I may feel,
He also said “illness is only to show” that He is still able to heal!

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