Loneliness nearly killed me!

Are you searching for: loneliness and depression, loneliness depression, or loneliness causes depression? If so, we have a lot in common because I'm also suffering from a severe case of loneliness.

I created this page not because I'm a doctor or an expert in psychology. I created it to share a message with a person who has endured many years of loneliness. I spent over 15 years of my life in and out of prison. Sitting in a lonely jail cell is maybe the loneliest places you can ever be. I also spent another 15 years addicted to drugs, so I was never able to have or created a meaningful relationship with anyone.

I know how it feels to be lonely and depressed so take it from me-- there's hope! The hope is you are doing something about your situation by looking on the internet and trying to find a remedy. I have no remendy, but I will say great work! You are doing a great job in not allowing your loneliness or depression get the best of you. Trust me, if anyone knows about loneliness and depression--  it's me!

I would like to share a poem I wrote while in prison. I'm sure you want to know what do a prison poem have to do with loneliness right? Well, this poem has everything to do with loneliness because I wrote it while at one of the loneliest periods in my life--- in prison!
I pray that God heals you today!

The Lord Comforted Me In Prison

When they sent me to the place 
where the forgotten are kept, 
I wrote many letters asking for help. 
I explained how difficult it is being confined
And that loneliness was the worst part of doing time.
 I also explained why
My freedom was taken away, 
and asked if they could please send an
encouraging word to help brighten my day. 
But no one showed compassion
about the things I had to say. 
They read them and then threw my letters away. 
O Lord, if this were a test not one of them would have passed, 
if Your own people won’t help me 
than who in this world can I ask?

“Behold, I shall not hide from anyone who calls to Me for help, 
including My sheep that’s locked away where all the forgotten are kept. 
Lo, I shall give a testimony about My sheep who are confined to cells, 
           it’s about the ones perishing away sitting in prisons and county jails. 
From East to West, these sheep have been despised 
and rejected because of the laws of man,  
but I declare, I have not found greater faith among My people 
who are Living in the land.  
They have been bound, forsaken, cast down, and have
utterly been put to shame, 
and in spite of all this, they still Worship and
praise My Name.  
Many are in despair because of being confined,
 but if they had a word of encouragement they would all be fine.  
They pray continually asking Me why are they being treated this way,  
wherefore, here’s what shall happen at Judgment in the last day: 
I shall gather and separate all the People and put the wicked group to itself, 
and I shall speak these words to the people standing on My left: 
When I was hungry and thirsty, 
you people refused to feed or give Me water, 
but because you didn’t help Me while in prison, 
My stay there was much harder! 
Then the self-righteous will cry Out saying-
‘we didn’t know Our Lord had such a need, 
if we did, we would have surely taken heed.’ 
But I shall say, when you did it to the least of My sheep, 
you did it to Me, 
though you had no money, 
you could have given an encouraging word for free!
Then I shall command My angels to put them all to death,
 but They shall only take the wicked group standing to My left. 
Therefore, Blessed are those who have keep feeding My herd, 
My sheep shall be comforted if they are given an encouraging word.”
Matthew 24:35-40, Isaiah 42:22-23, 61:1, Ezekiel 34:1-31, Mark 4:11-12, Jeremiah 10:21, 11:3, II Chronicles 16:9, Proverb 20:9

God bless you! Thank you for your visit and support!
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