Special Message from God about your Loved one...

Are you searching for: grief and loss, loss and grief, loss of a child, loss of child, loss of a parent as child, parent loss, dealing with loss, deceased loved one, memory of loved ones, or in memory of loved one? If so, I have a special message from God-- your loved one now lives with Him!

If you need a inspirational sympathy poem for your grieving heart you are in the right place. If you need some comforting words to help you get through grief from the passing of a loved one, I pray this poem provides you with the comfort you seek today!

New Heavenly Place

Who can comfort us
When our loved-one passes away?
Our mourning continues in spite of
all the kind words people may say…

God hears and understands
when we weep and mourn,
But did you know
Death doesn’t exist
when we are reborn?

It doesn’t exist
because we live
under His  grace,
His sheep lives
with Him forever
In their
New Heavenly Place!

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