Time to restore the promise of America!

Are you searching for: Revelation, Revelations, the Book of Revelation, Revelation prophecy, Revelation Bible, or Book of Revelations? If so, I have a special message from God --- It's time to restore the promise of America!

On August 30, 2012, at the GOP Conviction in Tampa Florida, Mitt Romney said "Now is the time to restore the promise of America"  He made this address to citizens who really don't know the promise of America. The question is what is the promise of America?


This is not a endorsement for Mitt Romney or any politician who runs for the United States presidency whether he or she is democrat or republican. This is prophetic message about the true promise of America and the world!

Mitt Romney spoke the truth when he said "now is the time to restore the promise of America". But Unfortunately, he nor any other politician can restore America. Only God can restore this country and bring prosperity and peace not only in the USA, but the entire world!

Indeed, America is a great country, but it was also built on lies, hatred, slavery, and many other abominations. So, what promise was Mitt Romney speaking of? Was he referring to God's promise or was he referring to his own? 

Contrary to popular belief, this country and the world is doomed unless people repent to God for abandoning Him and turning to the false hope and promises on TV and radio. 

Why didn't Mitt Romney tell people to turn to God and pray for forgiveness? Forgiveness of what you ask? Forgiveness of selfishness, pride, and greed is among many of things we must repent from.

Caution! Do not believe the lies you hear on T.V. The politicians cannot save America or this world from its doom unless they call for a day of repentance to God. Greed, hatred, selfish, and pride built this country, and will be the demise of it soon!

 The Crisis

O Lord, please deliver me from this world it’s a matter of life and death, just look around and witness the mess yourself. The gas and food prices are at a record high, conflicts around the world are causing the innocent to die. Many have lost their jobs, cars, and homes—while others are struggling to repay their loans. The politicians are calling it a recession, they say they have the answers to end the oppression. I do not have a job, money, or health care, this is more than I'm able to bear. I’m tired of suffering hardships and grief, I pray that you have compassion and send a little relief…

“Indeed, there are perilous times from east to west, man’s great rebellion put him in this great mess. Witnessing all these things, thou should know, that I prophesied about this many years ago. I said there shall be great sorrow and grief in the last days, the world became this way because of his evil ways. There is a great crisis east, north and south, indeed, all these things leaves a bitter taste in My mouth. As I live, I have desired to reject this evil generation, I have done this because of their evil abominations. They are like wild animals that have gone astray; this is why the world is in this mess today. I, even I, bear witness to Myself, that I set before them the choice of life or death. I will bring peace and prosperity upon this land, but only if they follow and live by My command.  The world is under a great evil spell, but I promise peace and prosperity to those who love Me, and have not rebelled”!
Ezekiel 18;21, Jeremiah 9:25, 15:7, 17:7, 21:6-8, 22:8-9, Deut 28:1-20, Luke 16:15, Psalm 12 John 7;7, Colossian 3:4-6

 The Lord Speaks To a Rebellious Nation
One day the word of the Lord came to me and said: "Son of man My people have turned from Me like I said they would do in the Last Days, for lo, I shall utter My judgment against their evil rebellious ways. They have mocked Me and are not ashamed nor embarrassed, indeed, I Am forgiving and do not wish to see any perish. Wherefore, son of man, these things thou shall let My people know and I shall be by yourself wheresoever thou go"

"But Lord", I said, "They turned against Moses and hung You from a tree, so what do You think these people will do to me? Furthermore, You need someone who looks good and can speak well, a person like that can stop them from seeing hell!"

"Behold,  I shall plant a seed in thy mouth and it shall grow a root, the root shall grow abundantly and produce good fruit. Thou shall have a great harvest when I cultivate thy soil, and thy words shall be like fire when I anoint thy mouth with oil. I shall put in thy mouth all the words I want to say, I shall speak to this rebellious nation who has gone astray. Surely, they will not like the words you speak, My people have been blinded by the New Age deceit. Their preachers and teachers shall reap what they have sown; they have made My people turn from Me-- the only God they ever known. Their doctrine is full of lies their prophets are sinister, --indeed, they are being instructed by Satan's ministers. But thou, son of man, hear these words I say to thee, when you give this message say it comes from Me. Do not be afraid, I shall surely hold thy hand, while you deliver this message all across the land"

Ezekiel 2:1-10, Romans 12:1-20,  II Cor 11:12-15, I Thes 1:7-12, II Thes 2:3-12, I Tim 1:3-15, II Tim 3:17, Heb 13:9, II Peter 2:1-22, I John 4:1-21, Rev 20:1-5

Yes, it's truly time to restore the promise of America! 
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