Why Should I Care?

Why should I care about a composing a caring person poem, caring poem, and caring poem for friends? Why should I care about composing caring poems?

Why should I care about helping others? Why should I care about a grieving heart? Why should I offer encouragement? Why should I care about someone else’s problems? Why should I care about the poor, sick, and needy? Why should I have compassion if no one has compassion on me?

Why should I waste my time trying to help inspire others who cares little to nothing about me? Why do I even care about the needs of others when no one cares about my needs? Why should I continue to reach out to help others when there’s no one to reach out to help me?


Why should I Care?

Why should I care about others being blessed with prosperity and health,
When I’m struggling and going through great hardships myself?
Why should I offer condolences when other peoples loved ones die?
For the life of me, I cannot figure out why?
When I really think about this it’s truly beyond belief,
Why do I offer encouragement to those who are suffering with grief?

“For thy great service thou shall be truly blessed,
Your inspiring words help the needy overcome their stress.
You have helped My sheep in the east, north, west, and south,
and have faithfully executed the words that come from my mouth.
I rejoice when you feed My sheep encouragement and inspiration,
Thou are a great light in this evil generation.
Because of thy work, My sheep are not being led astray;
This is why I should reward you
for the hard work you are doing today.”

Ezekiel 18;21, Jeremiah 9:25, 15:7, 17:7, 21:6-8, 22:8-9, Deut 28:1-20, Luke 16:15, Psalm 12 John 7;7, Colossian 3:4-6

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