Christain poem for Humanitarians

Are you searching for: humanitarian aid workers, humanitarian aid, humanitarian aid, humanitarian disaster relief, or humanitarian relief worker? If so, I have a Christian poem for humanitarians. I also have a special message from God-- "Thank you for your service"

God wants to thank all His servants who are working hard everyday for Him. He wants to thank you for going out and helping the needy. He wants to thank those who are providing services for the needy. God wants you to know that your services are recorded in the Book of Life! And that you will be compensated by Him for your faithful service.

This is a spiritual poem about God. God requires us to feed the hungry, visit the sick, and encourage those who are down. The  Lord is surely going to bless you for all the hard work you are doing for Him!

                                      Laborers Are Few                            

O Lord, without true laborers
Your sheep will die,
 the truth of this is being covered by a lie…
 Many are starving because they
have nothing to eat, 
others don't even have shoes to put on their feet.
Many are without shelter
no place to lay their head,
many are hungry needing to be  feed...
Indeed, the laborers are just a few,
 so this is what I'm coming to do...
I shall take back all I have given to man,
and give it to the sick and suffering all over the land.
I need laborers to come work for Me,
I need laborers who are willing to work for free!
Where are the laborers who are keeping My sheep alive?
Where are My laborers to help them survive?"

  Featured verses:

    Isaiah 26:11, Jeremiah 39:18, James 1:12-15

Tim Gillam

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