Christian story about evolution

Are you searching for: human evolution, theory of human evolution, human evolution theories, evolution of human, or evolution of humans? If so, allow me to introduce you to a short christian story about evolution called The Amazing Theory.

                                            The Amazing Theory
A team of scientist, trying to confirm the evolution theory, sent a colleague (Dr. Benson) on an expedition to try to discover fossil remains or some sort of other evidence to substantiate the Amazing theory of Evolution. They want him to bring back concrete proof that evolution can be relied on as a fact. Dr. Benson’s mission is to prove to the world that all life evolved from one single microscopic organism.

During Dr. Benson’s journey, he came across a small bird who was sitting on a tree branch. He told the little bird about evolution then asked the bird about his origin:

“I have feathers, a beak, and I can fly! My relatives and I have always been this way since the creation of the world!”

Dr. Benson was shocked at the bird’s testimony then demanded the frightened little bird to prove his outrageous accusation:

 “Well, sir, I’ve never seen any of my family members changing into another species, nor have I seen any other species of animals changing into a bird. We have always been Sparrows from the day God created us.” Stated the little bird with amazing confidence.

Infuriated with the bird’s illogical rhetoric, Dr. Benson proceeded on his mission. While walking and observing, he came across a small monkey swinging on a tree branch. Curious to know what the man wanted, he asked:
 “What are you looking for?”

“I’m trying to find new discoveries regarding the process of evolution. We are all related to each other because we all came from one single organism. You evolved from another species and I evolved from you,” Dr. Benson replied proudly.

“My family and I have always been monkeys. We have never seen another animal changing into one of us, nor have we seen any monkeys changing into a man!” stated the little monkey with alarming maturity.

“Now look here Mr. Monkey! Your story cannot be true. I assure you that all living creatures in this world have evolved from one another. Why, Darwin himself authenticated it and proved it years ago. He also discovered and proved the process of ‘Natural Selection’ where ONLY the strongest survives!”

Sir”, the monkey exclaimed, “that cannot be possible. If it were possible, my family and I would not exist today! There would be no need for us anymore. We would be another type of creature, or maybe even a human! And if the process of the so-called ‘natural selection’ were true, we would have been eliminated thousands of years ago. We are small and defenseless creatures that can easily become prey for big aggressive animals here in this wild crazy jungle. But God have allowed us not to be eaten up by bigger and stronger animals” the monkey concluded.

Dumb-founded and dismayed, Dr. Benson demanded that the monkey recant his ridiculous story. Trembling with fear, the monkey stated:
 “I can only tell you what I know, sir. I know for certain and assure you that absolutely no creature has evolved from us.”
 Dr. Benson was so disgruntled about what the bird and monkey said until he immediately abandoned his exploration and returned to his colleagues to demand an explanation:

“These stupid animals insist that they never evolved. None of them took heed to all the facts I presented to them about evolution and the process of nature selection”. Dr. Benson was then suddenly interrupted by the president of the science committee who stated:

“Benson, those animals are not being deliberately stubborn about this matter. They are not wrong for opposing our beliefs and opinions regarding this issue. No one ever gave us concrete proof to validate the theory—including Darwin himself!”

Dr. Benson was baffled and demanded an immediate investigation. “Well, Benson, that’s why we sent you on the expedition in the first place. We wanted you to bring back to us more proof to confirm the theory. So, can you give us any significant evidence at this time?” the president demanded.

“Well, Sir, I believe I can! The monkey did appear that he once had feather!”

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