God Hates Christianity!

Are you searching for: Christian news, news about Christianity, Christian news today, Christian news network, or Christianity news sites? If so, I have a message from God about Christianity--"I Hate Christianity"

No, this is not blasphemy, this is the truth! God hates Christianity (the religion) because it is defiling His Holy Name. God has condemned Christianity (the religion) however, He has not condemned His faithful servants. God is seeking His real Church!

God wants you to know that His church is not a business or corporation. God do not appreciate His Church treated like a business where you got people working to make money for the company.
Many preachers today are not working for God, the are working for themselves trying to build their business disguise as a church. They are plundering His people and have made them believe a lie. They tell the people what the want to hear to keep them coming back. But they are not telling them what God wants them to say:                             

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations (people) baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:20

Jesus commanded His Church to "GO" out and baptize others in His name. Jesus is calling His (spiritual) church to do what He said do over 2000 years ago. But how do we baptize others in His name without water? We go out and baptist people with kindness and help them in anyway we can. We baptist them with the same love that God has given us. We baptist them by sharing our testimonies. We can baptist them by helping someone in need!

Unfortunately, the mission Jesus commanded us to do is not be carried out. If it were carried out there wouldn't be anyone starving to death and begging for food to eat. If the mission Jesus called us to do were carried out we wouldn't see homelessness and starvation in the world. If we did the mission Jesus called the real (spiritual) church to do we wouldn't see hatred and division among congregations. 

We would see love and support. We would see people going out fighting against Satan's attacks on the community. We would see joy and happiness on the faces of the oppressed and afflicted. We would see these things because we did what  Jesus commanded us to do "Go therefore" and baptize them with love and kindness!

God’s Protocol!

 “O Lord, this prayer is for all the people I see, who are suffering to death on TV. I pray that You heal and comfort the ones who have been abused, and give comfort to those being misused. I pray that You send someone to give them a hand, please pour out blessing for every woman, child, and man. Lord, if You send prosperity and peace, then all their burdens will immediately cease. I’m praying for these people because I truly care, I pray that You will grant my humble prayer.” Then when I finished praying, the word of the Lord came to me saying:

“Behold, I have something to say about this evil generation, it’s about abominations I see going on in every nation. It’s also about the ones whose minds are being controlled by TV, and the ones who have forsaken and rebelled against Me. I shall share a testimony about the Hebrews, Gentile, and Jew, because of wickedness, there’s something I must do. Like a potter who creates a vessel out of clay, I have to shape and mold them in the very same way. After I have accomplished shaping them in the palm of my hand, I shall heal and bless every woman, child and man. If they love Me they would do what is lawful and right, because they have rejected righteousness, I have desired to cast them out of my sight. They have turned from Me and are seeking after their own evil desires, so I shall explain what this type of prayer requires. They must repent from pagan gods, idols, and silver & gold, and they must Love Me with all their hearts, minds, and soul. These people never having time for Me. Yet they always have enough time to watch the abominations on TV. I require  that they return to Me and I shall teach them knowledge, My people  are being  deceived by TV, radio, and the even Bible scholars in College. Indeed, I desire for all to repent and seek My face, then I shall heal and bless people in every place. I declare, as I live, I shall surely send blessings as far as My eyes can see, but they must repent and return to Me!”

Scripture References:

*Genesis 18:16-33, Leviticus 26:13-43, Deuteronomy 5:6-22, 1 Kings 2:3-4, 11 Chronicles 7:13-15, 15:1-7, Proverb 1:22-23, 15:3, 15:9, 21:1-16, Jeremiah 18:1-10, 25:32-38, Hosea 9:1-17, Revelation 9: 20-21

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