God is always there to comfort lonely people!

Are you searching for: I am lonely, I am very lonely, I am so lonely, or I am very lonely and depressed? I so, I have a message from God-- "I can provide you with comfort"

Hi! My name is Tim, I'm not a doctor, I have not went to school to learn how to diagnose and treat loneliness. But I have studied the subject for over 20 years! So, I do know what I'm talking about when it comes to loneliness. Where did I get my special training you ask? I got my special training while in prison!

Prison is the most loneliest places on earth. I endured many lonely years there. How is this relevant to you? While in prison, I learned that if I didn't at least try to talk to someone or reach out to others, I would go crazy. 

My remedy is to pray and ask God to bless you with someone you can talk to and share your hopes, thoughts, and dreams with. If you have a hard time meeting people, I would will to introduce you to a great site for meeting Christian people who are also in need of companionship. Trust me, it works try it and see what God sends your way!

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