Poems by a Prophetess

This is a poem on prayer by Prophetess Alicia Simmons. She is currently very ill.  She is being possessed and tormented by a demonic spirit. She is currently in the hospital receiving psychiatric care.

She composed the following poem about worshiping on the Sabbath. I ask that you say a pray for her before and after you read this poem.

House of Prayer”

My house
Is a house of prayer.
Every Sabbath
We enter there.
O Lord welcome
To Thee this house of prayer.
A covenant in which we keep
In this house of prayer.
The Holy Spirit
Dwelling within us
Every Sabbath there.
Welcome, O God
In the Lord in which we delight
Renew our spirits
With Your Eternal Might.
Your Right Hand is Mighty
To renew our strength
With Your Light.
Thanks be to God
O’ Heavenly Father in which we rest day and night.

Alicia Simmons

Thank you for your prayers!

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