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Are you searching for: what is trust in God, poems about trust in God, poems about trusting God, or trust in God poems? If so, I have a special message from God for you: "continue trusting Me"



God wants you to continue trusting Him in spite of your problems or whatever you may be going through.  Have things ever gone so bad that you regretted the day you were born? Have hardships ever gotten so bad that you actually wished you never existed?  If you didn’t have money to pay your bills and your health was failing, and you had no friends or family to comfort or aid you, would you curse the day you were born? 

The Bible say that Job’s anguish was so great that he regretted the day he was born! (Job chapter 3).

I have often regretted the day I was born because of all the hardships I have had to endure in my life, but I don’t ever remember actually cursing the day I was born!

Trust Me

O lord, all the burdens in my life just aren’t fair,
Just how many hardships do You me to bear?
I have no one to comfort me, I’m here all alone,
I have no job or car, I don’t even have a home.
What do you want me to do? I have nowhere to turn,
I have no one to offer me a little love and concern.
I often have to laugh instead of cry,
Sometimes I hurt so bad that I wish I could die…

Behold, because thou are My faithful
servant and close friend,
I shall soon make all thy burdens come to an end.
I shall not allow thy hardships be thou demise,
I have seen thy struggles with My own eyes.
Though shall not live in poverty in My land,
I shall put prosperity directly in thy hand.
Then it shall come to pass you will see no more grief,
I shall even give you a sign to help thou unbelief.
Listen closely to these words I am about to say,
you shall receive a message from a close friend today.
They will tell you to just keep your eyes on Me,
if you don’t believe it, you just wait and see!”

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