What will they say at your eulogy?

Are you searching for: Eulogy, eulogy poems, eulogy poetry, words for eulogy, eulogies, funeral eulogies, what to say at an eulogy, or eulogy words? If so, God has a question for you: "what will they say at your eulogy?"


God wants to know what your legacy will be when He takes you from this earth? What legacy will you leave behind when you are gone? What fond memories will people have of you when God takes you? What great memories of yourself will you leave behind that your family and friends will never forget? Will your legacy be among the rich and famous who did not help the poor or needy? Will your legacy be about owning homes, cars, and money, but never took the time to care or help anyone? 

My legacy will be the same legacy He has: helping the needy, visiting the sick, and feeding the hungry!  

What will Be Your Legacy?

What will your legacy be
 after you are gone?
Are you helping others 
 before you pass on?

What will your legacy be
 when you are deceased?
Will people say you helped
the needy and prisoners
when they were released?

Do not wait to until your loved one is dead to show how much they meant to you! Show them today!

In loving memory of a great legacy:
Tom Ferstle

Words of Sympathy

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  1. The site http://inspirationaleulogy.com has advice for giving a eulogy/ funeral speech, where to find eulogy examples and templates, and where you can find appropriate funeral poetry.
    For additional eulogy information click here


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