God will help you through!

Are you going through hard times and need: words of comfort, comforting words, inspirational sentiments, encouraging message, or words of encouragement? If so, God has a special message for you: " I will help you get through the day!"


I can’t sleep at night due to anxiety and stress, I have no money and my life is a mess. My burden  is much more than I can bear, so I went to the Lord for a moment in prayer…

“O Lord, When will I ever have joy and peace? My Problems have caused my faith to decrease”

“Behold, if you look deep enough you shall see My reflection, during the most difficult times, I kept you in My protection. Therefore, consider all these things I have to say, and it shall comfort and help you make it through the day!”

Matthew 8:10     II Corinthians 4:8-18
Tim Gillam

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