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Are you looking for: Christian word search, Christian bible poems, word search Christian, poems Christian, Christian bible words, or wordsearch Bible? If so, please allow me to introduce a Christian Bible poem called The Word Search.


                                                  The Word Search

Lord, I need a little encouragement to help me through the day, 
 I know You have something inspiring you can say.
I need a word that will increase my faith, 
I need to hear something to make me feel safe.
I need a word  when I'm feeling weak, 
I am looking forward to hear You speak…

 “Behold, I am the Good Shepherd who always feeds his herd,
especially the ones who are suffering and need an encouraging word.
 Surely, man shall not live by mere bread alone,  
I shall surely feed My hungry sheep who are feeling all alone. 
Indeed, all My Words are perfect and very good to eat,
 they have more nutrients than vegetables, fruits, and meat. 
Indeed, I  shall  inspire you from head to feet, 
 My words  are  like honey: pure, rich and sweet!”

                                              Inspired By:
Jeremiah 15:16, 31:33, Isaiah: 26:9, Proverb: 7:1-3, Matthew: 4:4, John 8:51

Tim Gillam

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