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Are you looking for jobs for ex-felon or jobs for convicted felons? There's work for convicted felons, but the job may not be exactly what you are looking for. If you are a convicted felon and can not find work, please consider working for yourself. Yes, become an entrepreneur today! 

My name is Tim, I am a convicted felon and know how it is being rejected when you apply for a job based solely on your past. It's not easy being rejected because of a past mistake, but that's the way society is today. One solution is go back to school for your degree or begin (immediately) working for yourself. 
"Working for myself?" you are questioning? Yes, you can do it! Cut grass, paint houses, do hair, or cook. If you have a hobby you can turn your hobby into an income too!

I do not possess all the right answers. All I know is God told me to create this page to help inspire you to make it happen! I know it's not easy out there. Being broke with no money and no one to ask for assistance is very difficult to endure, but you can make it happen! Do like Nike and just do it!

We are currently researching available programs who may offer assistance for men and women coming out of prison .
These listing are primarily for ex-felons, but anyone can you use them.

Set Free Aftercare Ministry
Job Training For Convicted  Felons

How to get free Housing for ex-offenders
Apply For Funding
Start A Online Business Free!
Detroit Herman Kiefer has jobs for ex-offenders. 313-740-8151 Ms. Hines
A Restaurant Career 
Search Online Listings
Books on How To Make Money on Facebook, Twitter, and Google!
Where to Find lost friends and family free!
Wayne Metro offers assistance for parolees in Detroit MI (734) 284-6999 ext.229
Michigan Veteran Foundation has services for any veteran with an Honorable Discharge.
Search Kingdom 911 for all kinds of available resources around the country.


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