Prophesy poem about life after death

Are you searching for: poems about life and death, poems of life and death, poem about life and death, or poem on life and death? If so, I have a prophesy from God: "There is Life after Death!"

There is Life after Death

O Lord, why did You create me of dirt and clay, just for me to see violence, struggle, then pass away? This question has caused my heart to cry and mourn, and the Mystery of Death makes me regret the day I was born. O Lord, I dread that evil terrible day, when the Angel of Death comes and takes my soul away. O Lord, the Angel of Death is seeking to put me in my grave, I’m in great distress and seeking You to be saved…

“Behold, thou are my faithful servant whom I love and uphold, thou has been a delight and given me sweet joy in my soul… I delighted in thee when I formed thee in the ground, and because thou has kept my commandments, I shall award thee with a crown… For lo, I have paid a ransom for thee so thy life is mine, indeed death is a mystery only to the Gentiles who are blind… Since thou have kept my precious words, death thou shall not see, thou cannot burn in flames because thou have believed and trusted in me… Thou shall not have the understanding of a horse who needs to be put in a harness, I shall always be with thee like I was with my servants who were cast in a furnace… I delivered them from death because pagan religion they refused to learn, and when they got threw in the fire, not one of them got a burn… My 2 servants Enoch and Elijah kept my commandments and I took them away, they believed in me and are still alive today… Verily, I say unto thee, these faithful servants never saw death at all, so when thy heart begins to doubt, just remember the vision I showed to Paul… When My servant Paul became too weary, My glory appeared before his eyes, then I took him up to heaven and showed him the Ultimate Prize… Verily, I say unto thee that if Moses and Elijah were dead, they could not have came and spoken to me, they thanked me for opening the Door of Life in which I hold the key… Verily, I say unto thee, my words are life and they are like living bread, and whosoever eats them shall surely be raised from the dead… I am the Bread of Life, he that cometh to me shall never hunger nor thirst, I prepared a special room my Kingdom for thee, before I formed thee in the Earth!”

Genesis 5:21-24, Matthew 17:1-5, Daniel 3:13-30, 2 Corinthians 12:1-7
Jeremiah 2:28, John 6:48-58, Psalm 88, 32:9
II Kings 2:1-17, John 5:24, Ephesians 1:4

 Tim Gillam

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