Slavery still exist today!

President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery in 1863, but unfortunately slavery still exists in 2012! Yes, the slave trade lives on and continues to keep millions in bondage!  Millions are living in captivity. They are in the bondage of-- crack cocaine!


            Modern Day Slavery

Angry drug dealers lash and tortures victims for a debt owed. Men, women, and children are sold and bought for as little as $5.00 and less! Helpless people are degraded, humiliated, and manipulated by some type of controlling force. Their respect and dignities are stripped away while their lives have become out of control.

Beatings, stabbings, and shootings are common. Many are tortured and punished for acts of aggression and disobedience. Some have been treated this way for so long until they become use to these type of atrocities.

Many of the victims have no jobs, money, or homes. All they have is frustration, pain, and grief about the injustice acts being committed. Some have even lost hope while others continue to try to become free— set free from the bondage of drugs! It has destroyed thousands of lives. And thousands bears the burden of grief because of the trauma they have experienced in the New Age Slavery.

Approximately 100 years ago, many blacks were victimized by the injustice of civil slavery. And many of those blacks paid the ultimate price by dying—giving up their lives for the freedom that many blacks enjoy in today’s society. But many of those unfortunate victims of that time may have given up their lives in vain as the New Modern Day Slavery has robbed people of the freedom their forefathers dreamed and hoped for.

Lets meet the conspirator of the New era of slavery—Crack! It has robbed people from the freedom and liberty that were bestowed on them by their forefathers. The ones whom gave up their lives for the sake of precious freedom have apparently died in vain.

Sorrow weighs of the hearts of thousands of family members as they watch their loved-ones trapped in bondage and unable to set themselves free. Others are under great despair as they witness loved-ones die in the streets—another victim of the Modern Day Slavery. Death and incarceration are the only reality for the hustlers and users who try to escape or beat the odds. There’s no such thing as honesty and trust in the New Modern Day Slavery—only the fortunate survives!

The New Modern Day Slavery has rooted itself mostly in urban areas around the country, and refuses to detach itself on its own freewill. This problem refuses to be addressed by our political and social leaders. It seems that no one really cares!

In order to resolve this problem, each one of us has to take a stand and be willing to address this issue, or lives and neighborhoods will continue to be lost to our adversary— Crack! -- A.K.A, The Modern Day Slavery.

Many communities and people have suffered enough, and there cannot be any prosperity, or a tear down and reconstruction unless a collective effort is made to address this issue.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln implemented an action to abolish Slavery in America. As a result of the Emancipation, the Negro race was freed from the bondage of being own, sold, or bought by another man. Unfortunately, slavery has never died it still exists! Was President Lincoln’s actions in vain?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., fought and died for the cause of Civil Rights. In his speech, at the Lincoln Memorial, on August 28, 1963, he stated: “…I HAVE A DREAM”. He also stated: “…A SENSE OF URGENCY WAS NEEDED”.

The “Urgency” he spoke of is still at hand! Dr. King’s words of wisdom embraced the hearts of Millions of people then and now. Today, his message lives on as inspiration and encouragement. It symbolizes hope for every generation, and those words can be used as a small tool to fight against our New Modern Day Slavery.

I also “Have a Dream” that: our urban communities will grow and prosper. We will experience tranquility where destruction and chaos have placed itself. And we will put aside our differences, and declare our own Declaration of Proclamation to abolish Slavery once and for all!
 Tim Gillam

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