This is not a Christian poem

This is not a poem about Asia, poetry about Africa, poetry in Europe, a poem about Israel, Hindu poetry, a poem for a Jew, Buddhist poetry, nor poetry from the countries in the Middle East. This is message from God about the perilous times around the world!


The Great Humanitarian

Decades of conflicts with no end in sight,
There’s constant turmoil and violence all day and night.
Hardships are causes the strongest to weep,
It’s like a bad nightmare that wakes you up from sleep.
The atrocities are truly beyond belief,
I pray, O Lord,  You  send some long-term relief…
"Now I shall speak to this evil generation,
to all the inhabitants dwelling in every single nation.
To all the masses dwelling in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Greece—
to the ones in America, Israel, and the entire Middle East.
This is to all the tribes of: Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and Jew—
to the Buddhist and Catholic this prophecy is also for you.
Woe to the multitudes who have mocked and forsaken Me,
and to the ones who have eyes and ears but cannot hear or see.
Woe to those who have made the weak their prey,
and all the workers of iniquity dwelling in the world today.
As I live, I shall revenge the innocent who have been and are being slain, I shall not allow their prayers and blood be in vain.
Indeed, there are great devastation, anguish, sorrow, and grief,
but I Am the Great Humanitarian who shall provide long-term relief"

Isaiah 10:1-4, Psalm 33:14, Isaiah 11:1, Proverb 14:31

Tim Gillam,

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