This is not a Food Poem

This is a poem about  thanking God for the food we eat. This poem is about eating food with God! This is a poem about giving thanks to God for the food you eat!


 Thank you God for this meal

Lord, thank you for this great meal we are about to eat,
a blessing from You lord will make this meal complete...
Thank you for blessing us with our family and guest too,
I know all this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for You…

“Indeed, this is the way I want hospitality to be,
 Thank you so much for inviting Me. 
Because of this, I shall surely bless this great feast,
 I shall bless you and your family with joy, happiness, and peace.
 I shall touch thy tongue so that you will savor bite, 
and it shall come to pass thy heart will be filled with joy all day and night. Because of your invitation to come dine with you, 
There are unlimited things I shall do.”

Revelation 3:20

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