where is the kingdom of God?

This is a poem about Kingdom of God. This poem is about the Bible. God's kingdom is a spiritual one.  God's Kingdom is the planet Earth!

Yes, the planet earth is God's kingdom. He gave it to man many years ago. Unfortunately, man has not been a good steward of God's property, and as a result, He is coming back to repossess it soon!


                                   The God of Is-Real

O Lord, people are saying,
You are just a prophet- just an imagary tail,
 they also say there's no such thing as going to heaven or hell.
They say “there’s no God” and that I worship You in vain, they say if You were real, You would answer when they call Your name.
Lord, I know You are real because only You can make it rain and thunder, but why others can’t see this is what makes me wonder?
 “Behold, whoever asks anything in My name
 is not asking in vain,
to give man a sign was
 one of the reasons I came.
All the things I did, I told man
 to write them in a book,
but unless a man is born again,
he cannot see a sign even when he looks.
 I showed man one sign when I walked on the sea,
 but many of them still doubted
and did not believe in Me.
There was once a man named Nicodemus
who came to Me in the night,
 he could not see the Kingdom of Heaven
though it stood right before his sight.
Some people honor Me with their lips,
 but not with their hearts,
 they are just as blind as Nicodemus
 was when he came to Me in the dark.
 The Kingdom is like the wind
because you cannot see where it goes,
 but the wind can be felt whenever it blows.
 O ye of little faith,
even if I gave another sign this very hour,
 they still would not believe in the Holy Spirit’s power.
Can man make the color of the sky?
Or can he make the clouds that pass by?
Can man make the birds and bees?
 Or can he make the flowers, grass or trees?
 Can man hold up the sun and cause it to burn?
Or hold the earth in his hand and make it turn?
 Can he speak a word and make rain fall from the sky? Man cannot do these things no matter how hard he tries. Furthermore, I make the blind see and the sick healed,
and by faith My people know that I Am real!”

Job 38-39, Matthew 15:30-31; 16:4-19, Mark 6:49, John 5:24-27, 14:13-14, II Corinthians 5:7

Tim Gillam

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