"You shall reap a great harvest" says the Lord!

This is a Christian harvest poem. This harvest poem is not about growing vegitables. This poem is about the great harvest you will recieve for the work you do for the Lord! "you shall reap a great harvest". 

Will your harvest be great this year? How many acres of corn, wheat, and barely will you reap this harvesting season? Would you believe me  if I told you there's a way you can plant just one seed and the seed will produce unlimited plants and fruits? Learn more about this miracle seed below.

There's a seed you can plant that requires no sunlight or rain to make it grow. This seed can be grown year round without fertilizing or cultivating the soil. Some call this a miracle seed, but we  prefer to call it love and kindness! Plant this miracle seed today and watch it grow!

    The Lord blesses us abundantly 
when we plant this type of seed--
    love our neighbors as ourselves
and helping others who are in need...

Cultivate the soil and watch the crops grow,
    you shall reap a great harvest
with the love kindness you show...
seasons comes and go,
   but your crops shall never die,
just have a little faith
   and give it a try!

Please show your faith by planting a $100.00 seed today, and the Lord shall bless you with a great harvest!

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