African American Slavery Poem

Are you searching for: African American slavery poems, African American slavery, or African slavery poems? If so, please allow me to share this dedication (poem) with you. It's about all the slaves who gave their lives for me!


Think about this horrible gruesome scene, white men enslaving African queens and Kings.

Africans were brought by force in ships across the ocean and sea, to a place where they would be known only as property.

The white men stripped and beat them and dared them to be brave, they tortured many to death and turned the rest into slaves.
They were force to work, but it didn’t stop the captives desires,  the white men beat to build America’s  empire.

They worked them like dogs to build this great nation, the white men put them on farms to take care of their plantation.

Africans got tired but the white men wanted them to work even faster, and they told them that when they stoke to refer to them only as master.

They ate very little they made cakes out of water and meal, the white men main concern was to keep them working on their cotton fields.

Most of the southern whites owned slaves from the British, Irish, Dutch, and even the French,  If a slave tried to escape they would be beaten and lynched.

Africans had no rights they wanted to be free!  The Declaration of Independence stated that all men had equality.

 Slaves had no rights and lived in inhumane conditions, but many keep great faith in spite of their difficult position.

The President purchased more territory so America could expand, they offered Africans freedom to help take what was the natives land.

African families were separated and sold all kinds of heartache they faced, the white man discriminated against them only because of their race.

  Africans were unjustly treated in the land of the so called “free”, they didn't have Constitutional rights of life, happiness, and liberty.

Many Africans joined civil rights groups which helped pave the way, for the little bit of freedom that African Americans enjoy today!!

By: Tim Gillam

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