Ask God for help!

Are you struggling with problems? Is life getting you down? Are you in debt and need financial help?  Do you need a shoulder to lean on? Are you going through hardships and need assistance? Do you need someone help provide answers to your problems? If so, please consider asking God for help!

As you know, life can be very difficult at times. Sometimes it seems that we have more burden than we can bear alone. God knows our shortcomings. God knows some of our hardships are too difficult to bear alone. I pray that this poem will bring a little inspiration to your life and situation. I also pray that God blesses you with help today!

Tunnel of Despair

I once had a burden that put fear deep in my heart, my hardships were so great until you could see my pain in the dark.  It caused my life to be a dark empty hole, It felt like demons were coming after my soul.  They kept taunting me saying:

“Travel through our tunnel with care,
or your life will be filled with grief,
misery, and despair!”

I was so scared that I thought I was truly going to die, but no matter what, I was determined to continue to try.
 I was so frightened until I didn’t know what to do,
but regardless of the demons,  I had to make it through.
Because of my perseverance, I’m still alive today,
I said a little prayer that went this way:

“O Lord, please come to my rescue, it’s a matter of life and death, these evil spirits are taking my joy, happiness, and health!”

“Behold, do not be afraid because I Am here,
I shall destroy those evil spirits that put you in fear.
 I Am the Chief Cornerstone and the difference between life and death, because I Am a Master Craftsman,
I shall rebuild your life Myself.  I shall rebuild it and make it just like new, after I Am done, there shall be no limit to the things you will do.  I shall build a protection around you with steel so you will feel safe, I shall also add joy to your life and strengthen thy faith.  These evil spirits you shall no longer bear, When I am done, you shall  no longer see grief, misery, or despair!”

I & II Thessalonians, Psalms 127, 145, Proverb 19:16

By: Tim Gillam

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