God was with the slaves poem

This African America slavery poem is dedicated to American slaves like: Frederick Douglass, Booker T Washington,  and Harriet Tubman. This poem is dedicated to all the slaves that suffered, endured, and overcame slavery. To the slaves who suffered, tortured, and died –thank you for your great sacrifice!  

God was with the Slaves

Lord, why did you allow thousands
of men and women be enslaved in this nation,
 many of them suffered to death working on cotton plantations?
Many of them died in utter despair,
their pain, grief, and misery was too much for them to bear.
They were deprived of human rights
and were made to work by force,
For this great evil, America has never shown remorse…
O Lord, they prayed for deliverance,
but it seems as though their prayers were all in vain,
 why didn’t You deliver them from their
 torment of anguish, grief and pain?

“Behold, I hold the keys of life and death in the palm of my hand,
I can deliver My people from the bondage of man.
For many generations they cried unto to Me,
I had great compassion and decided to set them free.
I loved them like a man loves his bride,
their prayers were not in vain even the ones who died.
Indeed, this great evil America will ever hide,
But be of good cheer, I was there right by their side.
I never forget about their great grief and pain,
 I was right there to comfort them
as soon as they called on My name!”

*Psalms 53, *Nehemiah 9:14-38, *Isaiah 62:1-12

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