Lyrics from Detroit rapper's new release

Detroit rapper Young Moe (the Phanatic) has been preforming underground hip hop for the last 10 years. He is about to release his new debut CD The Streets.  These are lyrics from His new upcoming CD called “Words from a Prisoner

Words from a prisoner

I heard that they missing us
Observe what they giving us
Nothing but a prison bus
We wrong cause we dealing drugs
It’s known that we living stuck
Time to get close to God
Everybody supposed to try
Cross my heart and hope to die
Stay alive and multiply

Satan wants us to be slaves, he is contemplating all day
I’m running through the hallway
To make it to the tall gates
Never wanna fall late
Face it—it’s a hard case living life on Broadway
It’s all on how the cards play

The ghetto full of poverty
So put me on to rock a beat
That’s the way I clock some cheese
Now it is no stopping me
The president is watching us bleed
Got me scared to drop a seed
Can’t you see my block in need?

Every night they packing heat
Trying to get a monopoly
Hustling for property
Tell me how to spot the beast?

Tell me that I’m not a “G”
When you know I gotta be
To make it is my prophecy
I, Phanatic, am a prodigy
I never got an apology
But I never let it bother me!

By: Maurice Gillam
Aka: the Phanatic

Holla at me let me know what you think of this song?

Lil Moe

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