May God bless you for writing inmates

A good caring letter is how to write a letter to an inmate or prisoner. Writing a letter to someone in prison or jail is a blessing to them. I know because I was once in prison. I have a sample letter you are welcome to use for your letter. May God bless you for writing to inmates!


November 1, 2012

Hello There!
My name is ________ I pray you are doing well there. I’m writing a short letter to see if you would like to correspond and become friends. Trust me, I know it’s difficult being there, but God will see you through!
I would like you to make me a promise. If you want me to continue writing you, please promise me that you will do the same for someone else when you get out. I do not wish waste my time writing to anyone who will forsake someone else who needs a letter there after you are released.  Please consider making this agreement. I’m unable to continue our correspondence if you are interested in not doing the same as I do here with you.
If you would like for this correspondence to continue please share with me how you feel about Habakkuk 3:17-19?

God Bless you!
Hang in there!



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