Message from God about the Constitution

This is not a poem about the Constitution of the United States, Poems about the US Bill of rights. This is not even a preamble of the Constitution. This is a message from God about the Constitution: "Why did they exempt Me from this document?"


The Constitution

The Constitution was created to protect the citizens in this land,
It’s the ultimate legal document written by the hands of man.
The Constitution is always in question whenever erroneous court decisions are reached,
It’s the ultimate legal document that includes rights of free speech.
But is there a major discrepancy in the original drift of the law?
If it is, who on earth can correct the flaw?
This is the great democracy were people are asked to vote yes or no,
To have politicians making decisions for me is not the way to go.
They say American is the land of the free,
But Lord, people are in living in great bondage do you agree?

“I Am the Alpha Omega, the Beginning and the End,
Indeed, I can shed a little light on this great sin.
They removed my Name from school and state,
Everything about Me they really hate.
My words causes even the government to be offended,
My laws and commandments can never be amended.
They blasphemy My name by saying “In God We Trust”,
their greatest abominations are money, pride, and lust.
Truly, I  despise  this  man made decree,
but there’s true FREEDOM for all who puts their trust in Me!”

*Psalm 58, 59, 135:13-21    *Proverb 7    *Mark 12:13-17

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