Personalized Christmas Cards

Christian handmade Christmas cards are a great gift for wife, husband, and family! Let us create a personalized customized Christmas card for your family and friends this Christmas!

Tim's Personalized Greeting Cards
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Tim's Personalized Greeting Cards© creates and designs personalized inspirational greeting cards, and inspirational plaques. We also create business cards and logos.                                                
We have special sentiments especially for your family and friends. We believe that words are the foundation of life. Therefore, we put great emphasis on the sentiments used in the Christmas cards.
Call and order today! You will receive your cards 7 working days. We guarantee their heart will be filled with joy, happiness, and encouragement when read our inspirational sentiments! 

We also carry a full line Christmas gifts: clothes, shoes, hats, and jewelry.

   "When you support this ministry it helps us to bless others!"
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