Praise poem by saint of God

Heavenly saints please pray for me! Saints of God, I need your prayer! I need for God to touch and open people’s hearts so that will hear the voices of those in need today! I’m asking God to send His angles to bless your life for having compassion on all the sick and suffering in the world today!

                                                  Sister Irene Gillam     

Lord, I Honor and Praise Your Holy Name

Lord, when I am discouraged or depressed You heal me!
The prayer of a good person has a powerful affect.
Lord You are my Shepherd when I’m facing pain and hardship.
Lord, for You are with me always!
O Lord, You keep every promise that You made.
It’s me O Lord who don’t keep promises.
Lord, You are a shield for all who seeks Your protection.
Lord, please remember my family and friends
who are struggling in this world of sin.
Lord, You are everlasting- You are from beginning to end!
God, the foot prints in the sand are mine,
please carry me when I’m too weak.
Lord, You created the whole world including the moon and stars!
Just by the sound of your voice the world was formed!
Lord, You never grow tired and weary,
Your love and mercy endures forever!
What man can understand You?
How are You able to raise me from my tomb?
Lord, You provide strength for the young and old,
You are a great blessing to my soul!
Because of You Lord, my soul is renew,
Lord, there’s not a moment of the day where I do not depend on You!

Philippians 4:10-13, Isaiah 40:27-31, Hebrews 13:5-6, I Timothy 6:6-10, James 1:2-8

April 17,1998
 By: Sister Irene Gillam

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