The truth about Christmas!

This Christmas poem is for children and adults. This is a  short Christmas poem with a godly spiritual message.

Have you ever considered what God things about our celebration of Christmas? The Christmas holiday has so many nice things, but are they of God?
It's easy to get caught up in the commercialization of Christmas, but what do God think about all these things?  How do God feel about Santa Claus?
Christmas is a great time of the year, but it would be better if we can remember God's feelings about how He's remembered. 


 What God Thinks about Christmas?

Lord, I love to see Santa in his bright red suit,
 his little elves and reindeer are so cute. 
I love seeing people party, sing, and kiss under mistletoe,
 I also love all the gifts wrapped in pretty bows.
 I love seeing the lights flashing on the tree; 
all the love people show really amazes me. 
I love this time of the year for so many reasons,
 there’s so much giving during the holiday season. 
I love the Christmas carols and music too; 
I also love special events that glorify You…

What do all these things have to do with Me? 
What do I have to do with blinking lights on a tree?
 What do I have to do with mistletoes and candy canes? 
Can anyone make Me understand these things?
 What do I have to do with a man riding on a sleigh? 
Why Am I being remembered this way?  
I shall tell you about what happened many years ago,
so then all the people will know. 
 I was born and stayed in Bethlehem for a very short time;
 there were neither shopping in stores nor online. 
 I was born outside in the chill of the night; 
there were no trees around with blinking lights. 
 There was a beautiful shining star high in the East, 
but there were no parties, singing or holiday feast. 
Furthermore, There was no multitudes coming seeking My face!
 I had no stockings hanging from a fireplace. 
Yes, many should remember My birth,
 but they only remember how Santa flies around the earth. 
The one thing that doesn't glory My Father above,
 is when My people wait till this day to demonstrate love.
 Thou shall love thy neighbor  from January to December; 
this is the  main thing I want My people to remember!”

*Ezekiel 22:23-29, *Matthew 2:1-12, *Luke 1: 26:38, *Acts 2:30

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