The truth about Addiction

This is a godly message regarding the AA and NA programs. This article is meant to help you better understand what the Bible says about alcoholism and denounce the lies told by programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous programs.

My Dear Brother in Christ,

        Hi! I’m Pastor Jim Battle from International Addictions Ministries (I AM). Here is The Truth about AA and NA programs. This article is meant to help you better understand what’s really going on when it comes to so-called alcoholism and other so-called addictions, and programs like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and even most programs that claim to be “Christian.” If you take these letters seriously, God will use them to change your life. So study them. And if you have any questions (about anything you read in this letter) just ask me when you write me for the next letter.
        You should use a King James Bible when you look up the Bible verses I’m going to give you. If you don’t, you might not see everything I’m trying to show you. Believe me… other English “bibles” have changed a lot of words, even the one called the New King James Bible. So if you want to have a full and correct understanding of what God says about “addictions” and recovery programs, you need to have a Bible that hasn’t been changed. If you don’t have a King James Bible, ask the Chaplain for one and I can send you a small dictionary that will help you understand it. And if you want to see proof that other English “Bibles” can’t be trusted just ask for it when you write me for the next letter.
        One thing I’m going to show you in these letters is that some of the basic teachings of AA and NA go against both the Bible and science. For example, they teach that some people are powerless over drugs and alcohol. But the Bible teaches that this is not true, and there’s good scientific evidence to back it up, which I will show you in a moment, (Read 1 Corinthians 10:13). And even some programs that claim to be Christian teach this wrong idea (and other wrong ideas) taught by AA and NA, and I’m going to show you what these ideas are. Why? Because only THE TRUTH can truly make you free, (Read John 8:31, 32 & verse 36). All you can do without THE TRUTH is exchange one destructive habit for another. But that’s like changing seats on the Titanic, (Read Proverbs 14:12).
        It’s also important for you to understand that true science has never proven that anything the Bible teaches about “addictions” is wrong. As a matter of fact, true science has never proven that the Bible is wrong about anything. But true science has proven that some of the things that AA, NA, and other programs teach about “addictions” are wrong. This is one reason I know that the Bible is from God and that these programs are not.
        The information I’m sharing with you comes from very reliable sources—sources that you can find in a book titled 12 Steps to Destruction by Martin and Deidre Bobgan. If you are interested, you can buy this book or you can wait until you are released and read it online for free at However, you must not use this information to argue with people who like 12-step programs. If you do, you will be in trouble with God because the Bible says that “the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men” (Read 2 Timothy 2:24).
        As a Christian, you should share this information with others who need it. But if they don’t want to hear it, you should leave them alone. Jesus said, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Read Matthew 7:6). In other words, don’t keep on trying to convince somebody that what you are saying is true if they start to bark, growl, or scream at you. If you do, they might attack you and it will be your own fault. So be very polite whenever you share this information, but leave those alone who don’t want to hear it.              
        Now let’s take a close look at the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Even though I’ll be talking mostly about AA, what I’m going to point out to you also applies to NA and other programs that copy it, including some that claim to be Christian. So let’s see what the Bible and scientific research have to say about AA and its teachings.
STEP ONE says… “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.”

        The main idea behind Step One is that so-called alcoholics are powerless over alcohol because they have a disease called “alcoholism.” But this is not a medical fact, even though some people try to make it sound like it is. Dr. Herbert Fingarette, a professor at the University of California, has written a book titled Heavy Drinking: The Myth of Alcoholism as a Disease. A “myth” is something that’s not true. So the title of the book tells us that the author (a true expert on the subject) is revealing that so-called alcoholism is not a disease.
        In this book, Dr. Fingarette says that “the public has been profoundly misled.” In other words, most Americans have been deceived into believing that so-called alcoholism is a disease. He goes on to say that “the public has been kept unaware of a mass of scientific evidence accumulated over the past couple of decades, evidence familiar to researchers in the field, which radically challenges each major belief generally associated with the phrase “alcoholism is a disease.” In other words, most people are not aware of all the scientific evidence which proves that some of the main things people believe about “addicts” and “addictions” are wrong.        
        Calling so-called alcoholism a “disease” is dangerous because it excuses bad behavior and makes people irresponsible. In other words, it makes them feel like their behavior is not their own fault, even though it really is, and it makes them feel powerless over it, even though they really are not. But counselors, treatment programs, and people who write books about “addictions” are making money by telling people what they want to hear, (Read 2 Timothy 4:3, 4). The Bible says that “the love of money is the root of all evil” (Read 1 Timothy 6:10). So a lot of people use expensive treatment programs to feed their pockets—programs that have not proved themselves to be any more effective than no treatment at all, (See a study done by Dr. Jeffrey Brandsma, Dr. Maxie Maultsby, and Dr. Richard J. Welsh).  
        After looking at the scientific research, Dr. Fingarette says that “the elaborate treatments for alcoholism as a disease have no measurable impact at all.” In other words, there’s no real way of knowing whether or not these complicated (and expensive) treatments work. Research shows that there is such a small difference in the number of people who get sober in these programs, from the number of those who quit on their own, that it’s not even worth mentioning. So even though a lot of people truly believe that they could not have quit their “addiction” without AA, NA, or some treatment program, there is no real proof that the program had anything to do with them quitting. But let me explain why so many people still believe that these programs “work.” I’ll use AA as an example:
        Each year, five percent of so-called alcoholics quit drinking on their own. But when some of this five percent start going to AA meetings (after really deciding to quit for good) AA takes all the credit for it. AA also takes all the credit for people who just happened to be going to the meetings at the time when they really decided to quit for good. The problem is that these people don’t realize that they had quit (or would have quit) without AA. Why? Because AA convinces them that the program got them sober OR that the program is keeping them sober. So they attend AA meetings for the rest of their life, believing that something bad will happen to them if they don’t.
        But what these people don’t realize is that they finally quit drinking for good because they just got sick and tired  of being sick and tired  and they don’t want to die.   They don’t realize that

many so-called alcoholics detoxify themselves on their own couches or in their own beds—that they just quit, all on their own, or with the help of a couple of good friends who keep them locked up for a few days while they go through withdrawal. But many AA members claim that “real alcoholics” can't quit that way, even though they do, every day. So even though AA claims to have a three to five percent success rate, they really have a zero percent success rate. They are simply taking credit for some of the five percent who had quit drinking (or who were going to quit) anyway. So AA and the programs that copy it are not doing anything at all to add to the number of so-called “addicts” who quit drinking each year.
        It's like this: Imagine that there’s a real disease that kills half of the people who get it. A drug company has a new medicine they want to test. So they give the medicine to a bunch of the people who have the disease and half of them get better. The drug company cheers and brags saying "Look at how great our new medicine is! It saved half of the patients!" But the new drug didn’t really save anybody. The half that survived was the half that was going to survive anyway. So the new medicine was not the real cause of anybody’s recovery, for the same reason that AA is not the real cause of anybody’s sobriety.
        I know a lot of people who have been going to a Baptist church for years. And during those years, a lot of the women got pregnant. Does this prove that going to Baptist churches causes women to get pregnant? Of course not. But this is the same kind of bad logic that many AA members use to convince people that going to meetings (and working the 12 Steps) caused them to quit drinking or is keeping them sober. So they fail to see that the real reason they finally quit for good is because they really wantED to. They wanted to quit so badly that they finally really did it.
        So who’s really benefiting from programs like AA and NA? Well, a real scientific study has revealed that the only people benefiting from AA and NA are those who use these programs to manipulate and control new members. These senior members (called sponsors) use this new control addiction to help them stay “clean and sober.” (See: "The effects of sponsorship in 12-step treatment of injection drug users", Byron L. Crape, Carl A. Latkin, Alexandra S. Laris, Amy R. Knowlton (all of the Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore, MD, USA), [Journal of] Drug & Alcohol Dependence, Vol 65(3), Feb 2002, pp. 291-301.) So sponsors are not helping anyone stay “clean and sober” but their own selves by getting high on controlling and manipulating others instead of getting high on certain drugs. They also stay high on caffeine, nicotine, refined sugar, or other things that destroy their health. And many who never overcome their so-called sex addiction get high on a drug called adrenaline by “13th-stepping” (taking advantage of newcomers). And who’s really benefiting from the expensive treatment programs that use AA’s teachings? The owners, administrators, and share holders of the treatment centers and hospitals. They’re making a real good living off this “treatment” scam.
        The Harvard Medical School Mental Health Review did a special publication titled “Alcohol Abuse and Dependence.” And the authors said that “Most recovery from alcoholism is not the result of treatment. Probably no more than 10 percent of alcohol abusers are ever treated at all, but as many as 40 percent recover spontaneously.” So these real statistics contradict Bill Wilson’s claim that it’s “a statistical fact that alcoholics almost never recovered on their own resources.” This shows that Bill Wilson (AA’s main founder) was willing to lie to get people to join the program. He used what the Bible calls “science falsely so called” to get people to join AA, (Read 1 Timothy 6:20 and then read the “statistics” in Foreword to the Second Edition of the Big Book. Every researcher in the field of alcoholism will tell you that these numbers don’t mean a thing because there’s no research to back them up. But AA still uses them to convince people that the program works).

        Dr. Stanton Peele (another real expert on so-called addictions) says that what really works for drunks and other “addicts” is giving them the options and values that rule out addictive drug use. In other words, if you offer them something that they truly want more than drugs, alcohol, or whatever they are addicted to, they will give up their bad habit to get it and keep it. For example, if they are offered a certain job that they can’t have unless they quit drinking, they WILL quit drinking if they really want the job more than the alcohol. Some people will even give up a so-called addiction because drawing nearer to God becomes more important to them, (Read James 4:8). They want to know Him, please Him, and be used by Him, and they realize that they can’t unless they quit their sinful habit(s). Some will even give up their sinful habit(s) so they can rule with Christ for a thousand years, instead of suffering in outer darkness for a thousand years, (Read Matt 24:45-51 & 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 & Revelation 20:6).
        In an essay published by Harvard University, Dr. Fingarette says that calling so-called alcoholism a disease “promotes false beliefs and inappropriate attitudes, as well as harmful, wasteful, and ineffective social policies.” He also says that this myth “subverts” the drinker’s “will to change.” In other words, calling it a disease encourages people to believe lies and to have wrong attitudes about so-called alcoholism. And (to some degree) it destroys a drunk’s desire to change. It also encourages our government to deal with the problem in ways that don’t really work. It encourages our lawmakers to do things about it that are really a waste of time, energy, and resourcesthings that hurt the drunk, his family, and others.  
        Even some programs that claim to be Christian are helping to promote this dangerous idea. Overcomers Outreach (a “Christian” copy of AA) says that “Though there are references to drunkenness in the Bible, nothing is ever mentioned about addiction or alcoholism.” But this is a lie. The Bible DOES talk about these things. It just uses other words. Somebody invented words like “alcoholism” and “addiction” to replace the Bible’s words so that people will think that the Bible has nothing to say about these problems. The Bible calls words like these “lying words that cannot profit” (Read Jeremiah 7:8). In other words, they are lies that can’t help you. But they can harm you by causing you to see your problem the wrong way. And that’s why I say “so-called addictions” and “so-called alcoholism.” In general, God calls a so-called addict a “servant of sin.” In particular, He calls a so-called alcoholic a “drunkard,” a so-called compulsive overeater a “glutton” and a so-called sex addict a “whore” or a “whoremonger” (Read John 8:34 & Deuteronomy 21:20 & Proverbs 23:27 & Ephesians 5:5). These words have power from God to help people change.         
        But the same so-called “Christians,” that I mentioned above, are also helping promote the false teaching that so-called alcoholism is a disease by saying that some people “can’t not drink.” But the Bible does not teach this and there is no scientific evidence to back it up. A drunk or drug addict might feel like they can’t stop drinking for good, or that they can’t stop once they’ve had the first drink, but it’s not true. It’s foolish to trust your thoughts and feelings when it’s been proven that they are wrong. But this is what most program members do, including the old-timers.
        And even though this and other false teachings of AA are presented as facts, Dr. Fingarette gives the following report. He says that “The United States Supreme Court, after reviewing detailed briefs, pro and con, has consistently held in favor of those who say that alcoholics are responsible for their behavior, and has concluded that medical evidence does not  demonstrate  their  drinking  to  be  involuntary.” In other words, after looking at all the

evidence, the United States Supreme Court always agrees with what the Bible teaches—   that all drinkers are responsible for their behavior. And, after looking at the medical evidence, they always come to the conclusion that all drinkers CHOOSE to take the first drink or to continue drinking once they start. So, even the U.S. Supreme Court realizes that so-called alcoholics are not powerless over alcohol.
        Please keep in mind that judges are experts at examining evidence, but AA members are not. Most AA members just give you their opinions on so-called alcoholism while ignoring all the facts that prove they are wrong. That’s why it’s not wise to believe what they tell you without checking to see if there are any real scientific studies to back it up.
        But you should be aware that, sometimes, AA uses poorly done studies to back up their false teachings. But real scientific studies (called “controlled studies”) show that so-called alcoholics “can limit their drinking in response to appeals and arguments or rules and regulations.” In scientific experiments, drunks will reduce their drinking or completely stop their drinking for rewards such as money, social privileges, or being freed from boring jobs. These experiments prove that (in different settings) so-called alcoholics can stop or control their drinking.
        So don’t believe that you are powerless over some disease that you don’t even really have. Confess to God and others that your bad habit is a sin, and nothing but a sin, and He will forgive you and help you overcome it, IF you continue to obey His teachings which can be found in the Bible study guide called THE BATTLE PLAN, (Read 1 John 1:8, 9 & John 8:31,32). (If you know someone that I can email this study guide to, they can print out a copy and send it to you. They must request it at and say that they’re sending it to an inmate).
        You should also be aware of the fact that there is no such thing as an “addictive personality.” The Harvard Medical School Mental Health Letter says that “it has become clear that there is no single type of addictive or dependence-prone personality, and no personality traits that reliably indicate in advance who is likely to use or misuse drugs.” In other words, you can’t predict who’s going to be a so-called alcoholic or drug addict by the kind of person they are. If you’re a person who worries a lot, or a so-called depressed victim of child abuse, or an emotionally unstable person, or a person with “low self-esteem” it does not mean that you are more likely to become a so-called alcoholic or drug addict than anybody else. All kinds of people become addicted to all kinds of things, and it has nothing to do with their personality.
        So-called addictions come from continuing to give in to temptations to satisfy strong evil desires. The Bible calls these desires “lusts” and tells us to abstain from them and flee from them, (Read James 1:14 & 1 Peter 2:11 & 2 Timothy 2:22). There are some lusts that you can simply choose not to give in to, but there are some that you have to run from, (Read Genesis 39:7-12 & 1 Corinthians 6:18). Being addicted to something is a sin called “idolatry” and the Bible says to “flee” (to run fast) from this sin when you are tempted to commit it, (Read 1 Corinthians 10:14).
        And it is also important to realize that so-called alcoholism is not in the genes. It is not inherited. Scientific research shows that AA is wrong when it says that some drinkers can’t control their drinking because they inherited an alcohol gene from a parent, grandparent, or someone down the line. The real experts on so-called alcoholism say that it’s “the cumulative result of a long history of drinking.” In other words, people become so-called alcoholics by drinking a lot over a long period of time. An author named Dr. Margaret

Rinck says that “In the case of alcoholism, there is a clear genetic predisposition which sets people up for this problem.” And she says it with such authority that people believe it, even though she can’t back it up with any scientific evidence. Why? Because there is none. But this is a good example of how some people will lie to get you to believe what they believe.
        Some AA members (and some counselors) do the same thing. They will tell you that scientists found something in the brains of some alcoholics and their parents–something that “normal” people don’t have. And they say this as though it proves that the problem is inherited. But the scientists who did the study will tell you that it’s not proof. So watch out for this kind of trick. Some AA members (and counselors) will say just about anything to convince you that their false teachings are true. Why? Because they like these teachings, even if they are not true, and they want you to like them too. But God will never be close to you if you like lies, and He will not answer your prayers, (Read Psalm 15:1, 2 & Psalm 66:18 & Psalm 145:18). And if you refuse to receive “the love of the truth” (which He offers to everyone) He will let you be deceived and destroyed by a “delusion” (a false opinion). He will let you believe a lie, (Read 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12).
        Even the news media helped to spread AA’s belief that so-called alcoholism is genetic. This is one reason why so many people believe it. They put it on the front page of newspapers all across America. But they did not put it on the front page when later studies proved that it wasn’t true. So you can’t rely on AA, counselors, or the news to get the facts about your “addiction(s).” To get the facts, you have to read the research that has been published in the professional journals. This is where the facts that I’m giving you come from. And to know THE TRUTH about these facts, you have to read the King James Bible.        
        Now I want to say more about the dangers of calling bad behavior a disease. Dr. Peele says that “While we desperately protest the growth of criminal and antisocial behavior, disease definitions undermine the individual’s obligations to control behavior and to answer for misconduct. . .Disease notions actually increase the incidence of the behaviors of concern. They legitimize, reinforce, and excuse the behaviors in question—convincing people, contrary to all evidence, that their behavior is not their own. Meanwhile, the number of addicts and those who believe they cannot control themselves grows steadily.”
        In other words, while we are complaining about how much we disapprove of the increase in crime and bad behavior, we are giving people an excuse for their crimes and bad behaviors by calling them diseases. It has been proven that people can control their bad behavior, but we (as a nation) are telling them that they can’t. So the number of so-called addicts, and those who believe that they can’t control themselves, is growing, and it is partly the fault of those who teach them this lie.
        Dr. Fingarette says that “It is not compassionate to encourage drinkers to deny their power to change, to excuse them legally, and give them special government benefits that foster a refusal to confront the need to change. Alcoholics are not helpless; they can take control of their lives. In the last analysis, alcoholics must want to change and choose to change.”
        Calling bad behavior a “disease” also has a number of problems and consequences from the Bible’s point of view. The Bible says that these bad behaviors are sinful. Sinful behaviors are also called “works of the flesh,” and drunkenness is listed among these works along with some other bad behaviors, (Read Galatians 5:19-21). So if drunkenness is a “disease” so is adultery and murder.   So when “Christians” re-label these behaviors as diseases,  they are

saying that the Bible is not true, that it’s out of date, and is not good enough to deal with drunkenness and other problems of living. They are, in effect, calling God a liar.
        Before AA came along, most people in America saw so-called addictions for what they really are. They saw them as bad behavior, what the Bible calls SIN. But most Christians are turning away from God’s words (words like sin and drunkenness) and are using words like alcoholism and addictions. And they are treating so-called addicts like victims (like sick people) instead of sinners. And by doing this, they’re disobeying the Bible which commands us not to go along with the foolish ideas that the people of this world come up with, (Read Romans 12:2 & 1 Corinthians 3:19).
        By treating so-called addicts like victims (like sick people) instead of sinners, they are helping them stay in trouble with God. I say this because God fights against proud people who refuse to see their problems exactly the way He sees them or deal with them exactly the way He tells them to in His Word. But if a so-called addict will truly humble himself, by confessing that his so-called addiction is all his fault, and by doing everything THE BIBLE says he should do about it (instead of listening to programs and counselors), God will give him the grace (everything he needs) to overcome it, (Read James 4:6).
        But most “Christians” in America today (including the leaders) believe that so-called addicts need some kind of program, even though the Bible teaches that they only need true salvation and true Christian discipleship. When it comes to so-called addictions, most so-called Christian books and programs copy non-Christian books and programs to a very large degree. They copy their deceitful language, their wrong explanations, and their bad advice. They just mix in some Christian language and some Bible verses to make people think that the Bible agrees with what they are saying. This is very dishonest.
        Even by calling their ministry a “program” these so-called Christians are disobeying God by copying (by conforming to) this world, (Read Romans 12:2). This means that their minds are not renewed enough to truly know God’s “perfect will” when it comes to the subject of so-called addictions, (Read Romans 12:2 again). In other words, they don’t know enough of the Bible to see that much of what they believe is wrong. This is why you should not go along with everything that these so-called Christian programs say and do, (Read 1 Timothy 5:22). And you should not be involved in AA or NA at all. Why? Because God says to “come out from among” people who are meeting together and worshipping other gods (or “higher powers,” as AA and NA calls them), (Read 2 Corinthians 6:14-17).
        If you don’t obey this commandment you will not experience God as your Father, (Read 2 Corinthians 6:17, 18). He might be your Father but you will not experience Him as your Father. In other words, you will not have His protection, and you will not receive guidance, strength or comfort from Him. Staying away from the kind of people that God tells you to stay away from helps put you in a position to be used by God, and being used by God is one of the most satisfying experience that you can have in this life, (Read 2 Timothy 2:20, 21 & Colossians 1:16 & Ephesians 2:10).
        Dr. Peele also warns us by saying that “once we treat alcoholism and addiction as disease, we cannot rule out that anything people do but shouldn’t is a disease, from crime to excessive sexual activity to procrastination.” In other words, if we treat so-called alcoholism and other so-called addictions as diseases, then every other sin can be treated as a disease too. We can use this “disease” excuse for everything! We can even call everything that we think people shouldn’t do a disease.      For example, people who are against Christianity can

call prayer, worship, reading the Bible, faith in Jesus Christ, and obeying the Lord diseases or symptoms of a religious disease. Some people already believe that true Bible-believing Christians are “sick,” “mentally ill,” “insane” or “mad” (Read Acts 26:24). And more and more people will agree with them as time goes on.
        As a matter of fact, an organization called Fundamentalists Anonymous is based on the idea that believing that Jesus is the only way, that the Bible is the Word of God, and that the Bible is never wrong is a serious addiction that weakens people. So I hope you can see how dangerous it is to call behaviors “diseases.”
        “Christians” who believe AA’s wrong ideas have taken off their spiritual armor and left themselves wide open to temptation, (Read Ephesians 6:10, 11). That’s why they relapse just as much as non-Christians do. So don’t be deceived into believing that you can’t make it without support group meetings, sponsors, and the other things that programs and counselors say you need. All you need is real Christianity, and through these letters, I will teach you what it is.
        But you will get in trouble, or stay in trouble, if you follow counsel (advice) that didn’t really come from God, (Read Isaiah 30:1). Like I said before, when “Christians” call sinful behavior “mental illness” or a “disease,” they are disobeying God by conforming to this world, (Read Romans 12:2). And according to the Bible, this makes these “Christians” friends of the world and enemies of God, (Read James 4:4). I’m not talking about Christians who don’t know any better—Christians who will stop doing it once they find out that it’s wrong. I’m talking about “Christians” who know better but keep on doing it anyway. These so-called Christians are enemies of God.
        Have you ever noticed how most counselors and program members who claim to be Christians use words like sick, mental illness, problem, in denial, compulsive behavior, treatment and therapy most of the time instead of using Bible words like sin, lying, repentance and sanctification? They do this because most people don’t like these words even though they need to hear them. But that’s like not giving people the medicine they need just because they don’t like the taste, (Read Proverbs 1:28-29).
        Another reason that many “Christians” believe the teachings of AA (and pop-psychology) is because they either don’t know what the Bible says or they don’t believe what it says. The Bible teaches that God has given people all they need to live godly lives, which includes not being “mentally ill” or addicted to drugs and alcohol, (Read 2 Peter 1:3). But many “Christians” either don’t know this OR they don’t believe it, and that’s why they turn to programs like AA and NA for information or help.
        A program director of one so-called Christian treatment center said that “There are some groups of Christians who believe the Bible is all you need.” And he’s right. But what he does not tell you is that these “groups of Christians” believe this because the Bible teaches it. So this just goes to show you that he does not believe 2 Peter 1:3, which means that he is not a true Bible-believer. Why do I say this? I say this because a true Bible-believer believes the whole Bible. But if you held up a Bible in front this man and asked him “Do you believe that this Book is the Word of God from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21?” he would probably say “Yes.” But if you showed him 2 Peter 1:3 and explained it to him, and then asked him why he does not believe it, he would try to change the meaning of it, or he would admit that he doesn’t believe it, or he would try to change the subject, or he would laugh it off, or he would get angry because he got caught in a lie, (Read Proverbs 30:6). 

        So you should not trust a counselor or a program just because they claim to be Christian. If they teach AA’s false teachings, OR they change the meaning of Bible verses to make them fit AA’s false teachings, they are not Christian. I know this because the word “Christian” means “to be like Christ” and Christ did not do such things, and God will punish people who do, (Read Proverbs 30:6 & Deuteronomy 4:2 & 12:32 & Revelation 22:18-19). God also tells true Christians not to take part in what these false Christians are doing, (Read 1 Timothy 5:22 & Ephesians 5:11).
        From the Bible’s point of view (which is God’s point of view), Step One is dangerous because it encourages people not to believe that they are sinners who need God’s forgiveness, which comes only through faith in Jesus Christ, (Read John 14:6). And God’s forgiveness is the only way to be relieved of true guilt, (Read James 2:10).
        From the Bible’s point of view, Step One is also dangerous because it encourages many Christians to commit the sin of trying to make the Bible agree with what it teaches. It teaches them to admit that their lives have become unmanageable without teaching them to confess that their disobedience is the cause, (Read Jeremiah 40:3). By teaching them that they are sick people, Step One encourages Christians not to feel guilty and ashamed when they sin. But the Bible teaches that so-called addicts are really “servants of sin” (which means they are guilty of breaking God’s law) and that they should be ashamed of their bad behavior, (Read John 8:34 & 1 John 3:4 & James 2:10 & Psalm 25:3 & Psalm 31:17 & 2 Thessalonians 3:14). It’s dangerous not to be ashamed when you sin, (Read Jeremiah 8:12).
        The Bible also teaches that you should confess your sin to God so that He will forgive you and cleanse you, (Read 1 John 1:9). After that, you should serve Him WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND SOUL and He will replace your shame with rejoicing. This might not happen right away but it will surely happen if you continue serving Him this way, (Read Deuteronomy 11:13 & Isaiah 65:13 & Psalm 109:28).
        Real faith in Christ, and real faith in His word, is the real answer to all problems of sin, including so-called addictions, (John 8:31-32). The best that anyone can do without Jesus Christ (the Son of God) is to exchange one sinful habit for another, or drop one sinful habit and increase one they already have, which (from God’s point of view) is the same as doing nothing, (Read John 15:5). Exchanging one sinful habit for another, or dropping one and increasing another, is not true freedom. It’s a counterfeit freedom, which is what programs like AA and NA are offering. And so-called Christian programs that copy AA are offering the same thing.
        But Jesus Christ empowers true believers to overcome sin and replace it with things that please God, (Read John 8:36). God frees His children from sinful habits so they can serve Him when, where, and how He wants them to serve. This is true freedom, (Read Exodus 4:23). Now let’s take a close look at Step Two:

STEP TWO says… “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

        Step Two of Alcoholics Anonymous also came from Bill Wilson’s personal experience. It was a religious experience that he had at a hospital. Even though he hated the idea of there being  a  Power  greater  than  himself,  he  became  so  desperate that one day he cried out…

“If there is a God, let Him show Himself! I am ready to do anything, anything!” But because he believed he had a disease that he was powerless over, he cried out to God as a helpless victim, not as a guilty sinner. Now here’s what he said happened after he cried out to God. He said:
        “Suddenly, my room blazed with an indescribably white light. I was seized with an ecstasy beyond description. Every joy I had known was pale by comparison. The light, the ecstasy—I was conscious of nothing else for a time.” He said that he sensed a great peace and was “acutely conscious of a Presence which seemed like a veritable sea of living spirit.” He ended by saying “This must be the great reality. The God of the preachers.” He said: “I thanked my God, who had given me a glimpse of His absolute self.”
        Bill said that from then on he believed in the existence of God and he (supposedly) stopped drinking alcohol. But the “God” that he experienced was not the God of the Bible. That’s why throughout his whole life he never mentioned having faith in Jesus Christ and being saved from sin by Jesus’ death on the cross. If you read the chapter in AA’s Big Book called Bill’s Story you will see what Bill thought about Jesus Christ. He called Christ “a great man” but he never said that he believed He was God. So Bill Wilson did not believe that Jesus Christ was God. And there is no proof that he ever changed his mind. So the “white light” that he described in his experience might have been the devil, but it was certainly not God, (Read 2 Corinthians 11:14).
        Many people believe that Bill Wilson was a Christian because he talked about God, prayer, and doing what is right, and because he had attended Oxford Group meetings. But the Oxford Group was not really a Christian group. Bill described the Oxford Group as a movement that used the “common denominators of all religions.” In other words, the Oxford Group used the things that all religions have in common instead of teaching the way of the cross of Christ (which is God’s real solution to so-called addictions). So don’t be fooled into thinking that a group or a program is “Christian” just because they use some Bible words or some Bible teachings. Even the devil uses some of the Bible to deceive people, (Read Matthew 4:5, 6).
        Now let me tell you a little about the Oxford Group so you can see why people think AA came from Christianity. In 1921, a Lutheran pastor named Frank Buchman created the Oxford Group which, at first, he called the First Century Christian Fellowship. But even though he called it Christian, it was not really based on the teachings of the Bible. They read from the Bible but they did not teach anything from it that people did not like. The Bible (the truth) did not mean much to them at all. To them, the most important thing was their personal experiences, “sharing” their own thoughts and feelings with each other, and being guided by spirits that they thought were God—spirits that the Bible calls “devils.”
Well, I have to stop here, but if you want to learn more contact me to let me know that you would like The Second Letter. If this letter was a blessing to you please share it with others. And when you are about to be released… PLEASE LEAVE THIS LETTER BEHIND. Give it to another Bible-believing person who will also share it and leave it behind. This is the only way that this truth will stay inside the prison and benefit other inmates, (Read Galatians 6:10). If you do this, I will replace your letter if you request it by email at: or by letter at: Free Indeed, PO Box 1906, Mansfield TX 76063
Remember that true Christianity is not a “selfish program” and that the Lord blesses you so that you can be a blessing to others, (Genesis 12:2). Please feel free to share this massage with others. You are welcome to contact me Jim Battle by phone or email.

For more information contact me at:
Jim Battle

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  1. Much of this article posted here was plagiarized by Jim Battle. He used the words and idea of "Orange", from his online book "the orange papers". Jim Battle has also been complained about for soliciting and scaring people. It could reflect on your website.


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