Obituary Poem for Cousin

This is a funeral poem for cousin. This is a Christian memorial poem for cousin. This poem is about your cousin going to heaven. This memorial poem can be used in an obituary

My heart felt condolences to you and your family for the lost of your cousin. I do hope and pray that this memorial poem about your cousin being heaven will comfort your heart.


New Heavenly Home

O  Lord, life just isn’t the same since my cousin died;
I will never forget how we stood by each others side.
I keep reminiscing about the times we shared,
I keep thinking about how much he cared.
Lord, I’m doing all I can to try to stay strong,
It feels as though a part of me is gone.
Each time I think of it my grief increase,
O Lord, please share a word that will give my heart peace…

“Behold, I shall say something to comfort those who mourn,
it’s about the saints who have passed away since the world was formed.
Indeed, I care and know how you feel about your cousin’s death,
believe Me, I know about grief, I once cried about it Myself.
But I have a word that shall comfort your heart today;
it shall make you rejoice for My sheep who have passed away.
Life has not ended for your cousin
 who has passed-on...

Tim Gillam

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