Valentine's Day poem

This Valentine's Day poem is for the world's sweetest woman. If you would do anything for your wife or girlfriend than this love poem is for you!

If I had the riches of this world,
I would give them all to you,
to demonstrate my love,
there’s no limit to the things I would do…

I would travel the farthest distance
and sail the seven seas,
if I had a Rolls Royce,
I would give you the keys…

I would buy you the finest jewels and clothes
that money could buy,
and purchase a beautiful gold jet
to fly high in the sky…

If I were a clock,
I would stop the hands of time,
and if I had a million dollars,
I would give you every dime…

But since I’m unable to give
nor do all the things mentioned above,
please accept the only gift I have…
My Love!

Tim Gillam
Inspirational specialist


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