We shall overcome with God!

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you dealing with not having a job, money, or food to eat? If so, I have great news to share with you-- you shall overcome!

We Shall Overcome in 2014

Are you struggling to make it through life?
Are you struggling to overcome hardships and strife?
Have you ever stood in a food line?
Have you ever been broke and not had a dime?
Have you ever felt your life was in a ditch?
And felt life would be better if you were rich?
If you are going through hardship, life is not fun,
But keep faith in the Lord your battle is won!
I have good news to share with you my friend,
 your hardships shall soon come to an end!
Yes, your problems will soon die,
Because the Lord hears the faithful cry!
Stay encouraged and make God your aim,
You will be inducted in the Lord’s Hall of Fame!

Deuteronomy 6:1-25, 30:16-20,  Matthew 4:8-10

Tim Gillam

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