Inmate needs a friend

Christian inmate in Michigan prison needs a caring pen-pal to write letters.  Lifer in Michigan prison needs a word of encouragement from church members male or female.

Mr. Lloyd Riddle is 63 years of age. He is currently doing life in the Michigan prison. Mr. Riddle is suffering from bad health and is expected to die in prison. His family has given up on him. He receives no outside support from family or friends. Mr. Riddle is seeking someone to correspond with. A kind letter from you would be a blessing to him.

Mr. Riddle is looking forward in receiving a letter from a caring soul soon. Please take a few minutes of your time and send him a letter and let him know that there's still people in the world who cares about him. May God bless you for your letter!

Lloyd Riddle
Inmate number: 367837
Chippewa Correctional Facility
Kincheloe MI 49784

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