A message for God's faithful servants

God is well pleased about the faithful servants who are ministering to the needy. God is well pleased about the faithful who are visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, and visiting the prisoners. To all of God’s faithful servants-- Thank you for your service!

Isaiah 42

Behold, thou are My faithful servant
whom I love and uphold,
your service for Me has
 brought a joy to My soul.
My heart always rejoice when I see
you helping the needy in the street,
 it brings Me great joy when I see you
 giving the hungry food to eat.
I, the Lord, have appointed you to
 help the needy throughout the land,
I have called you to minister to woman, child and man.
It is a great delight for Me to see,
 all the wonderful things you are doing for Me”.

see Matthew 25:35-40

By: Tim Gillam

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